Christmas 2008

Just a wee bit of snow here.....

We have about 15 - 18 inches or so on the ground right now with more heading in tomorrow - looks like we will get a white Christmas! I am heading to Spokane Wednesday morning and that should be an adventure. Brigid has a Subaru with studded snow tires and after driving it for a couple of days - I am very impressed with how the Subaru handles the snow and ice. Very stable with a low center of gravity and it managed to plow its way down my long driveway through about 15 inches of virgin snow earlier today AND back all the way out with no problems.

The roads are absolutely horrible as the transportation and road maintenance folks out here hardly ever encounter weather of this type. Driving through town was almost comical earlier today - hard to describe but imagine one of those car commercials where they show a car on a test track going though a series of whoop-dee-dos, bouncing up and down - that is what it looked like on all the main drags through town. I watched a few rigs go by and the driver and passengers were just laughing and laughing, almost bouncing their noggins off the roofs of their cars and trucks.

All the Christmas shopping is done, just need to finish some wrapping tonight and make a few deliveries tomorrow. Almost all of the gear has been rounded up for the long drive across the state - I dug out a pair of LL Bean insulated pack boots that I haven't worn (or needed) since 1992 and I am wearing my trusty Stormy Kromer hat with the flaps down! Brigid and I are both "belt and suspenders" types so we have just about two (or three) of everything one would need to handle a worse case scenario on the road trip across the state in winter weather.

With that, I need to hop to my Christmas wrapping so I wish all of you and yours a warm and wonderful Christmas!

Angels from the realm of Glory

Wing rare flight o'er all the Earth.

They who sang Creation's story,

Now proclaim Messiah's birth.

Come and worship, all who sing,

Worship Christ, the new-born King.