Back home after house-sitting for a buddy all week. He had a wireless connection but bolted out of town thinking that I could just connect to it but alas, it was secured, leaving me jonesing for the internet the past few days. Anyhow, back home now, Sage is snoring on the couch and I am enjoying my day off.

Had a GREAT morning watching McCain announce his VP choice, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. She is my kind of gal and it is going to be a real hoot watching the liberals twist and turn and tie themselves in to knots over the selection. Lots of good links over at Say Uncle here, here, here and here.

Brigid has a great post up on her site that is a must read: "Sharing the Pie: Not what our country was founded on" If you aren't stopping by her site every day to see what she has posted, you are missing out.

Ok, back to enjoying the day off, getting caught up on some errands and chores, cleaning a little, etc. Have a great weekend.



Olympic Shooting Wrap-up

Great article over at the USA Shooting site wrapping up the fantastic effort the USA Shooting team put forth in Beijing - "the most successful showing for the U.S. in the history of the Olympic shooting competition." USA Shooting is a great organization and I encourage the shooters out there to join and support our shooters.


Gun Bloggers in Paradise

It has been fun reading the reports from the ParaUSA event at the Blackwater training facility - Say Uncle has a good round-up of links from the other folks that are attending and there are some good posts and lots of pictures scattered around the various sites - check 'em out.

Michael Bane is there taping a show also, so that will be great to watch on the next season of Shooting Gallery.