Not Paying Attention

So, this morning I am taking some of my daily medication and I notice that one of the pills looks a little different. I check the label on the bottle and it was one of my Percocet’s from December when I had the surgery! I have been taking a Percocet every morning this week with my other medication!!!

What happened is that Brigid hurt her shoulder playing volleyball at Chuck’s party and I had mentioned that I had some pain pills and she asked what kind. I got the bottle out of the cabinet to check the label and of course, her being smarter than me, she declined the offer of the pill. Well, I must have set the pill bottle down on the kitchen counter and it got put up on top of the microwave with the other bottles! Doh!

So, that kind of explains some things – on the way in to work Tuesday, I thought my steering was getting loose – nope – that was just my brain being loose! On Tuesday, I would have sworn that I had a tire that was going flat – nope – that was just my brain going flat!! The whole “don’t operate heavy machinery” thing is absolutely true!! It also explains why I haven’t been as sore in the mornings after working out at the gym this week!!

Anyhow, the Percocet is back where it should be and I am feeling just fine today without the narcotics.

No shooting this weekend – Brigid is heading to Spokane to pick up her daughter early tomorrow morning and will be back Sunday evening. I might still go though and will see if Chuck or Dan want to as well.

Have a great weekend.