Dark Knight

Saw the Dark Knight last night.  What a fantastic movie!  We took a lap around the lake after work, had some Italian grub at Casa Mia and then caught an early evening show and WOW, it was better than I had even imagined.


Go see it.





Checking in

Busy the past few days but wanted to check in.  Trip to Spokane was easy and the time with Brigid’s family was great.  Got everything packed Friday night, Saturday morning was spent having breakfast with her sister, brother-in-law and their kids at a great place down the valley - awesome biscuits and gravy.  Headed out to the Spokane County fair grounds after breakfast to see one of her brothers who had a booth at the gun show and poked around there for a bit.  Lots of great stuff there including a mint S&W M15 snubbie, new in the box, that had me wishing I had come better prepared!  I saw more interesting things there at that show in an hour than I do spending all day at the typical Puyallup show over here on the west side.   Fewer beanie babies and beef jerky too, that was a nice change!


We hit the road later in the afternoon after some final good byes and the drive back to Oly was a real pleasure – any time spent behind the wheel of a newish vehicle (even a moving van) is a pleasure after driving my manual, no A/C Saturn! 


Got all settled in on Sunday, unloaded the truck at a storage unit and then headed to town to get some fair food at Oly’s Lake Fair carnival.  Lots of rides, a decent midway, live music, good fair food and lots of excellent people watching!  The weather was gorgeous and we would have stayed longer but we were tuckered out after the long weekend.


So, that is the weekend in a nutshell.  I will put up a post later on the interesting conversation I had with an older gentleman I met at the airport – joined the Navy in 1940, built radar installations in Alaska during WW II,  then on to Korea and Vietnam as a frogman clearing the beaches for landing craft – it was a great conversation.