Good Dog

Brigid has a great post up tonight celebrating Barkley's 5th birthday.

I am not sure when Sage's birthday is but I reckon she was about 5 months old when I found her so we celebrate it on the 4th of July. She is zonked out on the floor at my feet as I type and I cannot imagine life without her.



Discouraging news

I have been a big fan of Kit's for a long time and I was curious as to why she hadn't posted anything for quite some time so I dropped her a note to find out what was going on. She wrote back promptly, letting me know that a co-worker came across her site and she can't write anonymously any more and is dropping the site. I always liked having a small window into her and Commander Zero's life and she will be missed. However, I am glad I got to throw a few bucks into their .50 cal Wedding Gift Fund before she took the site down.

Good luck Kit and good shooting.



Follow Up

Well, I got a reply from Mr. Reynolds in my post below - that is pretty awesome. In response to my wondering if Obama folks or McCain folks regularly check his bog (and hopefully follow his advice or at least pay attention) he says:
Yeah, some Obama people read my blog. They haven't reached out to me the way the GOP has, which is too bad as I'd be very happy to talk with them.

Which is pretty darn cool for a couple of reasons.

1. He stopped by my blog to leave a comment - I have averaged 4500 visits a year over 6 years - he averages 200,000 + a day. Very cool that he took the time to swing by my little place on the web.

2. It is a relief to hear that the GOP folks are reading his blog but it would warm the cockles of my heart to hear Senator McCain say someday "This morning I was reading InstaPundit and and ..." Obama folks, ehh, not so much...

In this day and age, if politicians are not paying attention to folks like Glenn Reynolds and the other voices of informed, educated and knowledgeable bloggers of all colors, creeds and backgrounds, (yes, even the lefties), we are in deep trouble.

I still don't know how he does it though and it has always amazed me - holding down a full time position as a law professor and leading the way in providing timely, insightful links and blow-by-blow commentary, day-in and day-out. It is pretty amazing and it is all I can do to keep up with his posts every day!

Thanks again Professor!

(side note - when do you think Google is going to add "Obama" and "bloggers" to their spell checking dictionary? sheesh.)



The Big Dog

Just sent an email to Glenn Reynolds at InstaPundit asking:

Just wondering - you always mention that you hope (and recommend) that someone from the RNC or McCain's campaign reads your site and follows your links - do they? How about Obama's folks? Would be interesting (and uplifting) to know that someone was paying attention!!

I doubt if I will hear anything back but it would be interesting to know. His SiteMeter is accessible but it only shows the most recent 100 visitors out of the 200k - 300k he gets a day. Mine is easy, I get 12 a day. (Hi Mom!)

BTW, didn't get out to the range today as I had hoped (had the day off). Had lunch with the Bro in Centralia and was under the weather all afternoon, wondering if it was something I ate. Feeling much better now though - doing laundry and watching House, getting ready for tomorrow.



With everything you hear almost every other day about pro athletes and all the trouble they get in to, it was refreshing to read something positive about Tony Gonzalez of the KC Chiefs today. Tony hopped up, performed the Heimlich and saved a man from choking. The part of the story that makes me appreciate Tony more is the humility he showed afterwards. Good for you Tony.