The neighborhood sounds like a war zone so I am going to stay home tonight with the pup. I have some good chicken and garlic sausages thawed out and ready to throw on the grill and some potato salad and baked beans ready to go too. Mom will be surprised that I made a batch of her cucumber and onion salad. I have been craving that since the weather turned hot out here a week or two ago!

Have a wonderful (and safe) Independence Day.


Gun Leather/.22 Uppers

Came across these sites and didn't want to lose track of them, so posting here:

Tucker Gunleather

Spike's Tactical and their dedicated .22 LR upper


Not sure why the link to C. Rusty Sherrick's Custom Leather Works on my July 1 post keeps showing up in .05 font on my computer. I noticed it the night I posted it, thought I had fixed it and just noticed it again tonight. Let's see if the link comes across this time.

Busy day at work, trying to get caught up with things before our long 4 day weekend. We take every other Friday off as our "flex day" by working our 80 (or 100) hours in 9 days rather than 10. When a holiday falls on our flex day we can take adjacent Thursday off or the following Monday and the team decided to take Monday off. It will be nice to have the time off to finish the brakes on the car and to perform some maintenance on the trucks.

I am going to track my buddy Chuck down this weekend too and take the shotguns out for a few rounds of trap and a couple rounds of skeet. I have been itching to get the 22's out too so I will bring those along and hit the rifle/pistol range while we are at the club.

Speaking of 22's - Commander Zero has a good post on 22's and setting up a Ruger 10/22 in a configuration similar to an AR for training purposes. I had not seen those stocks from Tapco before and I like the TSR sights. It is much more affordable to pick up a brick of 22's from Andy's place than a half-case of .223.

I reckon I need to close this up and hit the hay. Beautiful night out here - temps are already in the 50's and the hay was cut in the field behind my house today so I get to fall asleep with that sweet smell coming in the windows.

Tomorrow I am hitting the local Independence Day parade in the late-morning and heading south to Centralia to catch their parade in the late afternoon. Evening will be spent with some friends around a BBQ - it's all good.

Have a wonderful Independence Day my friends - make sure to take a moment tomorrow to pause and really, truly look around you and just try to absorb all of the wonderful things that we have that we take for granted - it is overwhelming. Please make an effort every day, not just Independence Day, to appreciate and acknowledge these freedoms and to ensure that they did not struggle and fight and die in vain for us.



New one(s)

Added a new site after following a link from SayUncle: Double Tapper. Good stuff and for the bitter, clingy gun-nuts out there, check out his banner image - very cool.


Just found another new site folowing a link off of Brigid's: Carteach0 More good stuff.



First of July

Good evening folks.

First things first. My life is getting ready to change for the good in a big way. I have been seeing a gal for quite some time now and I am happy to report that she is moving to Olympia in a few weeks. She did live in Olympia up until about a year ago and then she moved to Spokane to be close to her folks and family and well, things got a little more intense between the two of us over the past year and I got to practice my long-distance relationship skills. I reckon I am pretty good at it based on the evidence!

So, my Brigid (as opposed to the next Brigid you are going to read about) will be coming over in a couple of weeks to start her new job back at her old agency. I am going to help her pack and drive over in a few weeks and then she is going to stay here at my pad until we can track down her own little place. I am still too much of an old bachelor to just start shacking up fulltime but I imagine that will come with time as I have to ease into things! I am really one of the luckiest guys in the world and have led a blessed life - the fact that she likes me and wants to spend time with me is almost overwhelming. Want to know the best part? She is begging me to teach her how to shoot. When I said lucky, I meant Lucky with a capital L.

A week ago I came across a new-to-me site - Brigid's Home on the Range - it must have been linked on Rachel's site or Tammy's View From the Porch. I think the first article I read was Expendability which inlcluded a great review and reference to C. Rusty Sherrick's great holsters and after looking at the article again, I must have followed a link from Breda's site. (BTW, what a fantastic group of gals - Rachel, Tammy, Brigid and Breda - no wilting lillies in that bunch!).

I have been keeping up with Brigid's entries and I tell you what - if you have the time, go read each and every post, but start with today's: July 1, 1863 - Gettysburg She has only been posting for about 10 days now (with more wisdom, insight, intelligence, humor and wit than all of the posts of my 6 year old blog combined) and has some great stuff that needs to be read and spread around. If you like Rachel, Tammy, Breda, Kim du Toit, Bill Whittle, James Lileks, Kit, Sisu, SayUncle or any of the other great sites that I link to, you will really like Home on the Range. Guaranteed.