Fighter Factory

I was over seeing what Tam was up to at a View From the Porch and followed a link to Mauser Girl's site and saw her Memorial Day post on her visit to the Virginia Air Museum. There are some great pics of some old war birds over there plus she has an online album with around 240 pics from the day! I bet Theo would like this stuff.


Summer? Hello?

Dang, can you believe it is June already? It feels like April or even March. I am sitting here thinking about grabbing a sweater or sweat shirt because it is so chilly and rainy here! Where the heck is summer?

I am heading over to the other side of the state for the weekend and really thought I would get a little taste of summer and some sunlight on my white legs but the forecast says highs in the low 60's and lows in the 40's! Al Gore, where are you???? Halp us!!!