Home a little early today, cleaning up the house, getting an early start on the weekend. This is one of my short weeks so I end up with a three day weekend! Big week next week with heavy duty work sessions at work and this whole week was spent getting ready so I can sure use the long weekend to rest up.

Ok, I better get back to cleaning. Enjoy your weekend!


Back at it

Well, with this, the 10th post of the year, I have surpassed my total output from 2007. Sheesh. That is kind of lame and I have looked back to see what was going on to cause that and I am not quite sure.

I know that work was a real pain in the ass the first part of last year until I got started on this new project last summer. I reckon that I just needed to be engaged by my work.

So, I am going to really try to post more often and yes, I know I have said that before and the 2 people that read my site (hi Mom) are thinking "yeah, right".

I have tarted up the site a little with the Amazon doo-hickey over there and after talking to a buddy at work, I am going to play around with the AdSense stuff. I also need to go through my links and clear out some of the ones that lead nowhere.

I am also pledging to participate more in other blogs - I read a fricking ton of them every day after work and am always amazed at the sharp wit and the intelligence displayed by some of my favorite writers and I need to start letting them know how much I appreciate their commentary and insight.

So, with that, I am going to go get some grub, walk the pooch, take care of some chores and relax a bit.

Head Like a Hole

Yes, I realize I am one strange, complex mo-fo. Ok, just strange.

Just downloaded Nine Inch Nails new album for FREE and have been listening to it for the past half hour - Trent Reznor's music has the same effect on me that bagpipes, banjos and crunchy guitars have. Music of those various types hit some kind of nerve package in my head that must crank out some kind of pleasure chemical.

You can get it from http://nin.com/ in just about any format you like.



Saw Iron Man last night - quick review: Awesome, fantastic characters and story line. Showed the US military as good guys, which was a nice change of pace from the usual Hollywood crap. I am looking forward to the run of sequels that will surely follow.

The main charcater, Tony Stark, is an inventor and weapons designer and as I watched the movie, I kept imagining John Moses Browning as a turn-of-the-century super hero. Talk about your real Iron Man!

Ring O Fire

The internet rules!!!

Go check out Rachel and Sunny's "Ring of Fire" video, it is absolutely fantastic!!

If this doesn't make you smile, you got serious problems.