Hey, look at this - two days in a row!

Just back from the dump and running a couple of other errands. Had a load of trash, boxes and tree limbs that had been waiting for a long time for me to haul them off. It was kind of a nasty day here earlier so the dump was cold and wet but hey, any trip to the dump is a good time!

Thought I would post some pics of my latest acquisition - a Winchester Model 1907 in 351 Winchester SL (self loading). Found it at the local Cabela's a while back and it was marked down quite a bit and on sale. I fretted over it for a day and then made an early morning run back up there to pick it up. The sales guy the Gun Library said I got the deal of the month on this one. Here are a few pics:

This particular rifle was manufactured in the 40's based on the serial number. I was also able to track down a few boxes of ammo and that stuff is not cheap. I found out that I can handload it from cut-down .223 brass but I have a couple hundred round which should be plenty. I would just like to take it out and shoot a
handful of rounds through it to give it a try.

These rifles were quite popular with law enforcement and prison guards. There seem to be quite a few of them floating around out here that were surplussed from the local prisons. This rifle happens to be a commercial model.


Still here, still reading blogs but not posting anything! Dangit I am lame!

Work and life have both been pretty darn good, I can't complain. Life without the kidney is not a problem at all, in fact, I have met quite a few people that have been in my life for some time now taht have been operating just fine and dandy with one kidney. I go in for my full body scan here in a month or so and that will be a routine deal for a couple of years, maybe longer.

Sage is doing great, she just got a really good brushing a while ago and let me go grab my camera so I can upload a picture of her from a couple of weeks ago, I will be right back...

Ok, there she is running to me across the deck during a freak snow pellet storm that we had a couple of weekends ago. It was beautiful because the sun was out and the snow was coming down and it was just amazing.

Well, I reckon I should get this posted and I swear I will post more often. Seriously.