Had a little snow here last night - the freezing level dropped down to about sea level so I was greeted with about 2 inches of snow this morning. It is quickly melting off though, but it was quite a surprise to see that when I went outside this morning!

had a great Thanksgiving - spent the day with a friend and her extended family in Tumwater. They even had a relish tray with pickles and black olives - I made a comment that we always had black olives at Thanksgiving and my friend's sister said that when they were kids they used to put the olives on the ends of their fingers just like we did when I was kid!

How about the Chiefs game??!! I subscribed to the NFL Network on Wednesday so I could watch the game and signed up for their DVR/TIVO gadget while I was there. I knew I would be eating dinner while the game was on so I was looking forward to getting home afterwards and watching it. As I started the car after dinner, the radio came on and right at that moment, the announcer said "and the Chiefs are going to win this one!!" Crap! Well, I went home and watched the whole thing anyhow. I really enjoyed the game on the NFL Network - and get this - they actually broadcast the singing of the National Anthem!! They used to do that in the old days and I always liked that. The camera work during the game was great, there weren't as many commercials but Bryant Gumbel seemed to be watching and commenting on a different game there for a while. Coming back from the commercial breaks, they really showcased Kansas City - the Plaza Lighting Ceremony, the fountains and the Nelson-Atkins Museum was shown several times, including the Reflecting Pool.

Got up early on Friday to hit some of the good deals on Black Friday. Actually, I didn't get up early - I couldn't sleep so I just stayed up and worked on the Christmas List and my budget and several other things. It was amazing to see all those folks up that early, snatching up the good deals.

Work is going pretty good, staying busy with many different projects. My 2 year anniversary here is coming up in about a month or so - time sure flies!

The Bro is staying busy with his building renovation work. A couple of new tenants have moved in and the new spaces look fantastic. His hard work and persistence is paying off.

Sage the Dog is doing great. Are you tired of hearing me say how sweet she is? I have never met a dog like her and she makes me feel damn lucky to have found her.

Heading into the home stretch on planning and organizing the big game banquet and auction for January. Lots of great donated items - guns, guided elk hunts in Montana, furniture, custom fly rods, etc. We are having the auction and dinner in a larger facility this year - last year we had to limit it to 250 folks and this year we can handle 350 + so it ought to be a good one!

Books - Finished "Lucifer's Hammer" and dived right into the latest Koontz paperback and also started "One Ranger" which I got from my dad for my birthday. The Texas Ranger book is great - there are some amazing stories in there. I also got "Postcards from Ed" from Mom and will be working on that one next.

Music - have been listening to some older stuff lately - old U2, Hoodoo Gurus, Husker Du, etc.

Ok, I should get back at it. I am in at work today to get a head start on the week so I better get busy. Take care.