HUGE congratulations to John Scalzi for winning the Campbell Award! I sure like reading his site - he is one of those folks that because of who, how and what he writes about, you know you could hang out with him at a tavern and shoot some pool and have a good time. I am really looking forward to his new books.

Fall weather has moved in today - makes me want to bust out the sweat shirts and the flannel sheets but it is supposed to be back up into the 80's by Friday.

Feels like Thursday but it is only Tuesday, ugh! Took Friday off so I will have the nice 4 day weekend with the holiday. Nothing big planned but it will be great to have 4 days off.

Well, lunch is about over so I better get back at it, lots to do. Take care.


Oh man I suck at this blog stuff lately. Things are going really good and work and life are both keeping me busy and I don't have much to ramble on and on about lately!!

I will post more later tonight on new books, new guns, new music, etc.!