Watching and listening to the news this morning about Israel and started wondering about something. I have enjoyed maps for a long time - started when I was a kid pouring over the maps that came in every National Geographic magazine, then later learning orienteering in Scouts then later on in my career as a cartographer and eventually working with very advanced geographic information systems.

I have been looking at the Google Maps of Israel, the borders and the relationships to other countries for a few weeks and I realized I wasn't sure how big or small Israel really was - was it as big as California? As big as Washington state? I think folks would understand the tenuous relationship between Israel and her neighbors a little better if they could see a comparison of land masses, so I did a quick search on Google and here ya go, someone beat me to it: Israel Size Comparison Maps

Puts things in perspective, eh? Basically, Israel is the size of Vancouver Island and just a tad smaller than Lake Michigan.

Here is another good map, showing the range and coverage of the Katyusha rockets that the terrorists are using against Israel. This map and web page were obviously made before the current war:

It is rarely realized, however, the potential danger such rockets could pose to Israel's main population centers should they fall into the wrong hands.