Hello All -

I hope everyone is having a great week out there. It has finally cooled off up here - after the full week of 90 degree + days and hot nights, it is now in the mid 70's during the day and cools off down to the high 40's to low 50's at night! One of the funniest things I saw last week while it was so hot was on one of the local news broadcasts - they were interviewing people looking for fans to purchase in the Seattle area and one of the fellows they talked too was searching a K-Mart or WalMart for a fan while dressed in jeans, a polo shirt and a fleece vest - we Northwest folks must always, always have our fleece vests!! The day they ran that story it was 98 degrees out!

Had a big box on my door step on Saturday - I ordered Jim Rawles and Jake Stafford's "Rawles Gets You Ready" package and it looks fantastic! In fact, I had another package on my doorstep today so I contacted Jim and Jake to see how to pay for the extra course material they sent. Lots of good stuff in there and I plan on getting a copy for my folks too. Hop on over to their site and check out the subjects - here is a small taste:

How to decide just how much preparedness is enough. (You might be surprised to learn that once you are organized, you can prepare for a year just as easily as for a week. The amount of peace of mind you get is up to you.)

Why food packaging is at least as important as the food itself. (Two nearly identical products might have a shelf life that differs by a factor of 10 because of packaging differences.)

Just exactly what does your family actually eat? How do you reliably determine what your family really needs to have on hand?

The countertop appliance you can buy at Costco (or anywhere) that will extend the storage life of everything from frozen vegetables to tampons. (When you study this course, you will be convinced this is one thing you cannot live without. I use mine all the time for reasons having nothing to do with preparedness, and it saves me a fortune!)

Why buying the largest institutional package sizes can sometimes (but not always) be a terrible choice. (Just because you shop at a "big-box" store doesn't mean you need "big-box" packaging.)

Which essential medicines and health supplies will be most critical in a crisis? You'll be aghast when you realize the things that you probably would've overlooked. (Your family's health depends on having everything they need to stay healthy in the inhuman stress of a crisis and the inevitable dietary changes that it brings.)


Tons of great info there - the section on shopping at Costco with Jim is worth the price of the course material! Jim has provided a great service to us with his blog - SurvivalBlog - but this course material is almost priceless and could save your life. If you have any questions about the book and the CD, just drop me an email and I will fill you in.

What else is new up here? Not too much - busy with work and life and all of that fun stuff. I am sure everyone in the country knows about the piece O' crap terrorist that shot up the Jewish Federation center in Seattle. Folks here are worried that if the Feds don't step in and charge him with a federal hate crime or an act of terrorism that the dingbats in King County will take him to trial and who knows how that will end up - King County jurors or, at least the folks that end up being on the jury are usually not the kind of folks you want making the kind of decision that will need to be made on this deal.

Saw a preview of this weeks "Deadwood" episode and I am eager to watch it tonight - Wyatt Earp and his brother Morgan finally make it to town, walking right in to the middle of a HUGE showdown that is brewing between Al and Hearst - the next few weeks are going to be damn good!

Hey - I have added a few links on my blogroll - let me introduce them to you:

Gomer's Pyle - maintained by Eric - I discovered his site because he had linked to me, Donna and now has Bill Whittle's site in his blogroll - talk about being in good company! Guns, fishing, sporting clays, ruminations on life and work - all good stuff. Thanks for the link Eric.

Mega Beth - Beth is not a new addition - she used to run the SugarMomma site but gave that one the heave-ho and now posts over at the Mega Beth site. The trials and tribulations of her athletic pursuits are there in black and white and she continues to be an inspiration.

Stephen Bodio's Querencia - Mr. Bodio has been a favorite author and essayist of mine for quite some time and Mom sent along a link to his site and I need to get him on my list. Querencia is a Spanish term that means roughly: (from the Amazon.com listing of his book) the Zen-like Spanish term means something like the tiny pocket of one's inner life where one is truly at home. Check his site out, you will like it.

Speaking of books, I got out of control a couple of weekends ago at the book store and am now working on Heinlein's "The Moon is a Harsh Mistress" and have several others in the wings, so I am not suffering from a lack of reading at the moment!

Well, that should do it for now - take care!