Having a nice, long weekend out here - took today off so I ended up with 4 days off. Took care of some chores on Saturday, went with my buddy Chuck out to the range on Sunday and shot a few rounds of trap and then headed over to the rifle and pistol range and did a little plinking.

A bunch of folks were out there with their blackpowder rifles and I got to try a couple of shots through a flintlock Plains Rifle with a 39 inch barrel and set triggers. The guy said it would take 3 shots to get me totally hooked, but he didn't know that I have been coveting a blackpowder rifle for a long time, so the two shots only cemented my need!

Chuck and I met his wife back in town afterwards for some dinner and caught the late afternoon showing of the new Superman movie - good stuff.

So, I am heading out to take care of a couple of things, swinging by Wal-mart for a few items and will swing past the Commission job to take care of a few tasks there as well.

I want to wish you and yours a happy and safe 4th of July! I don't know about you but I truly love this holiday and what it stands for and I get pretty emotional when I see all the flags and the red, white and blue colors and the fireworks!! Have a safe 4th and take care!!