This is just too damn funny not to post a link too.  It isn't kid safe but damn, it made me guffaw out loud.
Zarqawi guest blogs from "Paradise". on IowaHawk via The Corner on National Review website.
Speaking of not being kid safe - the 3rd season of Deadwood starts up this Sunday.  I have heard that they have not renewed contracts for a 4th season which is a serious disappointment because I have become rather fond of those characters.  2nd season is out on DVD also for those without HBO.  I am really looking forward to seeing what Al, Cy, Bullock and the rest of the folks are up to this season - the first episode is "Tell Your God to Ready For Blood" so I reckon it ought to be a good one to get things rolling!  If you have the time and the bandwidth, sally on over to the HBO site and watch the series of trailers for the new season and the "on the set"  feature.
Ok, need to finish up lunch here and get back at it. 



I woke up to the news that the bastard Zarqawi was dead, dead, dead this morning - that is fantastic news.
All kinds of good stuff to read and watch over at HotAir.com - here is a page with all kinds of links and even a video clip of the bombing. 
On my way in to work this morning I stopped at the usual coffee drive-through in Tumwater and one of the coffee gals hollers "Did you hear the news about Zarqawi?" and I said hell yeah and then she said that she would have liked to have cut his throat herself! 
It was a very refreshing moment for me to know that someone else deep behind enemy lines in Moonbat Central remembers what Zarqawi did to Nick Berg.
Rot in hell you piece of crap. 


More on BF Watada over at Castle Arggghh!  John is much more eloquent about this than I am and he has a much better perspective on this whole deal than I do.
I have never been in the military but my Great Grandfather, Gramps, Dad and brother were and this whole deal just really pisses me off.  It's not that he doesn't want to go but that it all seems to have been choreographed to get the most airplay and the moonbats are all flocking to the aid of this little dipshit.  The Pinko Commie Pro-Saddam bunch here in Olympia are all prancing around with glee because one of Chimpy McBusHitler's officers is refusing to go fight in the "illegal and unjust" war.  He won't be going to Iraq, he will be going to a military court and eventually to the brig or to Leavenworth - that we know for sure.  But in the meantime resources, effort and emotion are going to be wasted on dealing with this yahoo.  His fellow officers are going to be distracted by this Blue Falcon and his men are going to be heading off to Iraq with a new LT that they don't know.


Here is some more on BF Watada, for those that are interested. 


So, has this jackass made national news yet? "Officer likely to refuse Iraq call"

This "blue falcon" (buddy f**ker), 1st Lt. Ehren K. Watada, is a main topic on talk radio out here because he has decided that he doesn't feel like going to Iraq with the rest of his crew. And because of his decision, he has all kinds of neat, new friends now - Not in Our Name, War Resistors League, Veterans for Peace - Rachel Corrie Chapter, professors at Evergreen College, etc. etc.

He went through OCS in 2003, after the war had started, so it isn't like he didn't know what was going to happen. He is in charge of an artillery Fire Control Team, so his decision has now put extra strain on his men because they are about to deploy to Iraq.

It seems like a very calculated move on his part and the rest of the yahoos that are supporting him. I am sure we will see him soon enough hanging out with Sheehan and that bunch. Nice.



I read this article on Michael Yon's site last week about Walt Gaya and his wife opening a bakery in Tacoma. Mr. Gaya is one of the heroes of Deuce Four as chronicled by Michael Yon and is also an amazing photographer - check out some of his work that is posted on the Olympian Website. Make sure when you watch the slideshow that your sound is on so you can hear Mr. Gaya talk about his photographs. His black and white photography is amazing - you can almost feel the grit on your skin and in your mouth.

I was going to head up there this past weekend and thank Mr. Gaya for his service and buy some bakery goods for the office, but unfortunately work got in the way.

That didn't stop Dawgblog from making a visit and taking along his good buddy Batman (who bears an uncanny resemblance to my furry little brother Buster!) Great pictures of Batman!

I am going to head up there this Sunday and will take some pictures of my own and give Mr. Gaya some business!

Ok, off to bed!