Dang, two weeks (at least) since I wrote anything!

Let's see, where do I start? Actually, life has been pretty uninteresting for the past couple of weeks - have been staying busy with work and keeping up with chores around the house. Weekends have been pretty much full with work-related stuff. I helped put some data and maps together for a meeting with the governor and that took quite a bit of time and I am working on the last 4 new computers for the other agency I work part-time for.

Have been plowing through quite a few books lately - read a small pile of Koontz books that my mom gave me while I was home and picked up two more of them yesterday. Saw the John Scalzi book "Old Man's War" at the book store, picked that up and damn, I highly recommend that one. Glenn Reynolds really liked his stuff and Scalzi has been compared favorably to Heinlein and I agree. It is one of those very enjoyable books that you don't want to end. Luckily for me and fans of Scalzi, the sequel to "Old Man's War" is out - "The Ghost Brigades".

John Scalzi has his own blog which makes for some very enjoyable reading too - you can find it here - Whatever.

Hmm...what else.... haven't been shooting in quite some time so I need to rustle up the crew and make arrangements for a skeet-trap-rifle-pistol day out at Evergreen. The weather has been pretty typical out here - fairly nice during the work week but rainy on the weekends so that has put the kibosh on getting out but when the weather is decent on the weekend, the Incredibly Fast Growing Grass takes priority!

Well, I better get to it as I don't want to be here all day. Take care and I hope everyone is doing great out there.

- Jason