Sorry for all the weird font sizes in the posts below. Some of those I sent to Blogger via email and that does odd things with the fonts.

So, in at the part-time job this morning, working on a couple of new workstation installs. We got 10 new Dell's and flat-screens for the bunch here so I have to install the MS Office Suite, McAfee and a handful of other software packages on each PC before I swap it out with the old one. My work area looks like a Pink Floyd video - I have about 14 old CRT monitors stacked up along the wall and on the shelves - they are all supposed to go to surplus next week sometime and will probably be sold for $5 a piece.

It is a gorgeous day out so I wanted to get in here early and get a couple of these done before noon, which would give me the rest of the day off to go play. I mowed about 3/4 of the yard last night and need to finish that up today as well.

Gramps sent me a link to the amazing Rube Goldburg-ian Honda commercial - if you haven't seen this amazing video, check it out here.

Have a great day.


Five Tons of Lead Missing!!


All I gotta say is that it wasn't me - I buy my lead through normal channels.  As the prices of lead, copper and other metals go up, I bet we will see more and more of this.