The Shot Show is taking place in Las Vegas - started yesterday and runs for a couple of days. The folks over at GunBlast are down there checking everything out and posting pictures at the end of the day for us. Their Shot Show page is here, but make sure to check out their home page and the hundreds of articles and reviews they have posted.
Don't you always wonder what kind of ding-dong would ever fall for one of those Nigerian scam letters? I have received countless emails like that over the years, always enjoying the broken english and the creativity of the writer but they were obviously scams and they always went right into the trash can, but they must work or they wouldn't keep sending them. Well, here you go - $670,000 later and the scammee and scammer are both in jail. Serves 'em both right.


Well crap. That sucked.

It was a pretty good game for a couple of quarters, but the Steelers prevailed and kicked butt.