Lots of stuff happened since I last posted - my trip home to KC was fantastic. Got to spend a lot of time with my folks and grandparents and get caught up on things. I wish I could have stayed for another couple of weeks, I sure had a great time although I ate too much! Lots of great KC barbeque and a stop at Stroud's chicken (best damn chicken I have ever had). It was good to catch up on things and just spend time with Mom, Dad, Gramps and Granny.

I had forgotten how truly beautiful Kansas City is. The city just blows away anything that Seattle has - wide boulevards, lots of spacious parks, fountains, gorgeous trees. There is nothing quite like that out here. Yes, there is Puget Sound, but Seattle proper and most of the surrounding area is totally covered in concrete and blacktop.

I put Sage in a kennel while I was away and I think she is finally starting to forgive me although she gives me a look every now and then that just says "How COULD you do that to me?" She came home with a bad case of the trots and a really bad cold. After a few days here at home she has started feeling a lot better and is back to acting normal. I think the next time I head home, I am going to find someone to house-sit my place and stay here with the pooch. It was too stressful on both of us - probably me more than her!

Did a little skeet shooting in the rain on Sunday with the usual bunch. Had a good time although my skeet shooting scores are just horrible at the moment.

Well, I better get some laundry done and get to bed. It's my birthday on Wednesday and I think I started feeling it today....ugh.