So, who is going to fire up the anti-Pork Busters / Pro-Pork movement? I think I would rather have a Bridge to Nowhere or an "Al Sharpton Memorial Parking Garage" than hand over a bucket of $265 billion dollars and full control to those shysters in Louisiana.

I am all for being fiscally responsible and I am all for cutting spending on ridiculous projects but this whole bit is getting out of control.

The incompetent ingrates in Louisiana have their arms in the pork barrel all the way up their arm pits and it is getting to the point where someone better step in and manage this a little better. With that amount of money, they could buy everyone in the state (not just the folks affected by the hurricane) a new Ford and a bass boat - I think it comes out to about $50,000 per person. Just saying...


Ahh, Fall is the best season - are there any other seasons that have two names? Spring- nope. Summer - nope. Winter - nope. Fall / Autumn - yep.

Beautiful day up here, it could just stay like this forever. This is the perfect operating temperature for me.

So, I am either going to re-vamp the blog or maybe come up with something new. I keep finding all kinds of very cool stuff on the web regarding survival and Being Prepared and like I said, I really enjoy the topic. So, stay tuned and one of these days I will point you to the new site!


Just got back from shooting, getting ready to head south to Centralia to see my brother. Today was another one of those absolutely perfect days, there is nothing that could have been done to improve it - 70 degrees, blue skies, no wind - perfect.

Had a good round of trap to warm up and then we hit the Continental Trap again and I didn't do as good as the last time with 50 straight, but I did get 48 out of 50 - so, spanning a couple of sessions, that counts as 98 out of 100, right?

Ok, off to Centralia. Have a good one and I will post some more good stuff this week. I am enjoying the Be Prepared / Survival blogging posts so I will probably end up doing more of those. Getting kind of worn out on the ho-hum daily journal stuff.

Take care.