Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown died yesterday in Orange, TX. I met him once in Kansas City when he was playing the Grand Emporium. Got to shake his hand and got his autograph. I even bought a pouch of the Gatemouth Brown pipe tobacco mix he was selling at his little table. When Sage was a puppy, she ate the picture and the lexan frame I had it in. All of it. I worried what that plastic would do to her, but 4 years later, she is still doing fine.

R.L. Burnside died September 1 in Memphis. I met him once also, he was playing a small show in Seattle with T Model Ford. I told him it was a real pleasure to meet him and that I enjoyed his music. I never understood what he said back as he was 3 or 4 sheets to the wind by the end of he show. Some of the best, hardcore, mo-fo blues I have ever heard.


Good Sunday. Chiefs win and look damn good doing it! Nice to finally have a defense in the house. I am looking forward to next Sunday when they play the Raiders (booo hiss) on ESPN.

Went out to the range with the usual suspects today. Shot a round of trap and scored 24/25 then we decided to try Continental trap again and I managed to run 50 straight and only needed the second shot on 4 targets out of the 50. After that, we moseyed over to the pistol and rifle range and spent about 3 hours there. Lots of folks out there today which was a good sight and the smell of gun smoke in the air was fantastic - the smell of Freedom! We are going to head to the gravel pit next weekend and work on some drills with pistols and rifles. Have to keep your tools sharp.

Hmm, as I am writing this, I took a look at the clock and it is 9:11 PM on 9-11. I was super-aware of events around me all day, hoping and praying that no bombs went off, no buildings exploded, no planes crashed into sky-scrapers. When I got up this morning, I took a little time to say a prayer for the victims of 9-11. Never forget. UPDATE - We are winning the war on terror across the globe, but it sure sounds like we are losing it here at home. Thanks for the article Mom.

As long as I am talking about prayers - I picked up a Bible the other day at the book store and have started re-reading it. I am not becoming a bible thumper though and I won't try to shove it down anyone's throat - that is what kind of turned me off of church a long time ago. My life has been based on the basic values and principles of Christianity and I thought it was about time to re-learn and re-apply those lessons. It is good to have some guidance every now and then, so if growing a Zen Grass Garden (like I am doing too!), re-reading an important book like the Bible, the Tao, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance or Desert Solitaire or whatever floats your boat, I recommend it.

Ok, I need to pull some shirts out of the drier. Do you know that they now have dress shirts that come right out of the drier and don't need any ironing? Technology is awesome, it saves me about 10 minutes every day and are well worth the extra few bucks they cost over regular shirts!

Sorry for the totally rambling, off-course blog entry today!

Take care.