Finally Friday.

Glad the week is over here and glad that we have a three day weekend. Just like everyone else in the world, I am watching the efforts to save all those folks in New Orleans. I have sent some money to the Salvation Army and the same amount to the Humane Society and I urge everyone to do the same.

My friend Tom has a sister who lives (lived) in Slidell and her and her family were able to get out before the storm hit. Their house is gone and their business is gone - they ran one of the local Mailboxes Etc. They are on their way to South Carolina to their folks. I imagine that everyone in the US will have a friend or some family that are directly affected by this.

I am getting really pissed off with the yahoos that blame the President for this and I am likely to hit the next one in the mouth.

Interesting blog by a fellow posting from the buisness district of New Orleans. Amazing stuff. Found the link on SurvivalBlog, of course.

Going to spend the weekend getting things in order around here and lay in some more basic supplies. The same situation would happen here if we had a massive earthquake or if Rainier decided to pop. I am set up pretty good, but like James says over on the SurvivalBlog - "one is none, two is one."

Please make sure to at least go out and buy a couple of cases of bottled water and a pile of canned soup (and can opener). Hit your doctors up for an extra prescription and put it in your "get out of Dodge" bag. Set aside some extra dog food or cat food for your pet. Got a shovel for a temporary latrine? Double check your firearm cleaning kits and stock up on patches and oil and the basics. Iodine tablets for water? Do you know where the closest supply of somewhat clean water is? Wear contacts? Get a pair of heavy-duty glasses for your GOOD bag. Diabetic like me? I have 4 cases of Glucerna that I keep on hand plus about 30 days worth of pills.

Just take a little time over this long weekend and think about what you would need to go camping for 4 or 5 days, away from your home and your bed.

No one ever thought that they might need a hatchet or a hammer in their attic.