Found something over on Cogito Ergo Geek's blog that you should go check out. If you can make it through without getting weepy and proud and smiling all at the same time, you are one cold-hearted SOB. It takes a while to load via dial-up but it it worth waiting for and make sure that your volume is up to hear the music - get it loading in another browser on dial-up and go check out the rest of Jerry's blog.

The Flash presentation is good enough that it would be worth while to write the URL down and find a friend or relative who has broadband. Follow this link to the tribute, "Until Then".


I am still here, just really dang busy. This is the end of our fiscal year and everybody wants everything done right now. I am really looking forward to Friday! Plus, it's the 4th of July weekend!

The past week has been good - a bit of a blur but lots of good stuff happening. Our softball team won last Monday and tonight we played a double-header. We won the first one handily and got beaten in the second one. There were a couple of really cute gals on the first team we played and I hated striking them out! It made for a long night and I am glad to be home and heading off to a shower and bed in a few minutes.

Went shooting yesterday - shot two rounds of Continental trap, two round of skeet and spent the rest of the day shooting pistols and rifles. I used the balance of what was owed on my paycheck at the gun store to pick up a Rock River Arms CAR in .223 and topped it off with an EOTech holo-sight. Tons of fun to shoot and by the end of the day, after getting the holo-sight set up right, I could put 30 shots in the 10 ring at 50 yards. Now I just need to work on some longer shots! I also took out my little Ruger 22/45 and put it through the paces because Mr Completely has got me thinking about heading up to Whidbey Island for some bowling pin-top shooting! He has a great blog and I am definitely heading up there soon to try my hand at that game. Make sure to swing by and check out his site - lots of good reviews, photos and stuff about guns.

Another new Pacific Northwest blogger out there is Cogito Ergo Geek, hosted by Jerry down in Oregon. I get a little jealous of the Oregon folks and their machine gun shoots! Jerry shoots a lot of competition and has some great photos and commentary - go check his site out too.

Speaking of machine guns - just found out yesterday that the range will be closed all next week so the Tumwater Police can practice with their H&K G36 machine guns - Fully Automatic Machine Guns. Apparently, they ordered the guns with the safe-semi-3 round burst trigger pack and the rifles H&K delivered had full-auto trigger packs. I imagine that I will be able to hear it from my place....

Well, I was going to go on there but I won't...

I want to wish my father and grandfather Happy Father's day again - it was sure great talking to both of you last weekend. And a hearty congratulations again to my grandparents who also celebrated their 62nd year of marriage!

Ok, I need to hit the rack. Take care, enjoy the week, take a second or two to look up and around you and pay attention to the clouds and the sky and the birds and what's going on around you. Too often I speed through the day and never even have a chance to look up - it's important and it helps put things in perspective.

Adios muchachos