Lesson for the week - always buy one banana less than you think you will need. It never fails, I buy 5 bananas and there is always one leftover that is all beat-up and brown that sits around for a couple of days before it gets tossed. Yeah, I could put it in the freezer and make banana bread some evening but one day I will have to purchase a new fridge and I would have to move all those frozen, brown bananas from the old fridge to the new one.

I think I mentioned earlier that I was in training this week for C#, (a programming language.) The class was good and I was impressed with the South Puget Sound Community College facilities and the instructor was great too. But, there is a ton of work waiting for me Monday morning and I am dreading that a little. I will probably sneak in to the office tomorrow for a bit and get a head start.

Not much planned for the weekend - I may go look at a couple of old, used pickups that I have seen with For Sale signs on them and of course, I will call Dad on Sunday!

I don't think I gave a follow-up on the high school graduation I attended the other night. It was fairly interesting in that you always hear about these P.C schools not wanting to recognize students that had done excellent in their classes or athletics. Well, that was definitely not the case at the 2005 Tumwater High graduation and it was truly a breath of fresh air (and a big relief). I had expected everyone to get a "sunshine award" or something silly for just showing up but they really acknowledged the kids that had excelled in school. They even had the 9 guys heading off to the Armed Services all stand up individually and be recognized and that bunch got the loudest cheers of any group. Most interesting were the twin brothers with 3.5 + GPAs heading off to the Marine Corps together. All-in-all, it was a good evening and it gave me hope.

Ok, have a great weekend and hopefully I will have some shooting to report on Sunday or Monday.


Home a little early today - had C# training today (and all this week) and this evening I am heading off to watch my oldest niece graduate from high school. We had a BBQ and graduation party over at my bro's place for her on Sunday - hot dogs, hamburgers, all kinds of family and the graduate's boyfriend was there with his family. He is graduating also and is heading off to the Airforce in a week or so - I think basic training takes place in San Antonio.

Shot skeet over the weekend with the usual suspects and had a great time. One of the guys picked up a sweet little CZ O/U in 28 gauge and that was a lot of fun to shoot. I have read somewhere that the 28 gauge has the perfect ballistics and it shot like a real sweetheart.

Well, I need to hop in the shower and get cleaned up for the graduation ceremony, so here's to you, I hope you are having a fantastic week so far!