Hooo boy, still hot. Having our First Ever Seattle Heat Warning! The article is kind of funny because it mentions all the super-white folks wandering around in shorts and t-shirts and I saw a few folks at the grocery store who just don't understand the concept behind sunblock - they will be hurting in a couple of days. It really isn't that bad and growing up in the Midwest has prepared me well for this! Yes, I have lost some tolerance for heat but man, this is nothing compared to August in Kansas City!

So, it is the end of the week and it has been a good one. Got quite a bit done at the office, dealt with another power outage - same transformer popped and took out the exact same area as it did a month ago. I'm telling ya, those nutjob, hippy 'greeners are up to something! Had to deal with the power coming back up and making sure all the servers survived (which they did).

Looking forward to the loooong weekend - not much planned but I could use the break. Will probably get some clay target shooting in sometime and some work done around the house. Have to install a new float in the toilet - got the parts, just need to get down there and get intimate with the porcelin. Fun stuff.

Ok, it is finally cooling off enough in here to eat some food. I am going to sign off and I hope everyone is doing dandy out there. Take care and stay cool.
Hot, hot hot - it hit 90 degrees here yesterday! Everyone was complaining about the heat but it really wasn't that bad due to the low humidity. The evening was absolutely wonderful and is hopefully a sign of things to come. It was nice to feel the warmth because I am getting pretty darned tired of feeling cold and damp!

Work is good - having my review next week and after reviewing the paperwork, I don't think I have ever gotten such great feedback. Heck, I almost want to send copies of it to my folks!

Busy with life stuff too so I am sorry about not writing much. I am trying to keep up with reading my favorites and there is some damn good stuff out there, but I don't have much personally to report. Long weekend coming up so maybe something exciting will happen!

Take care and thanks for checking in.