Life is good, just nothing to blog about lately! Work is busy, challenging and rewarding. Not working at the gun store on Saturdays anymore and it has taken a while to get used to that! The past two Sundays I have awoken with a start thinking it was Monday - hopped out of bed, looked at the clock and headed for the shower before I realized it was Sunday. I will get used to it though!

Last Saturday I met a few folks out at the gun club and we tried the Sporting Clays layout they have there. Pretty decent course but a little different from the ones I have shot before. I did fairly well considering I haven't tried that sport in quite some time. It was a lot of fun and the gang I went with were a lot of fun so we are probably going to try another local course this coming weekend. Did I mention that I ran 50 straight a couple of weeks ago shooting trap? If I did, sorry, but I am still damn proud of that! Just need to put a couple of those 50 straights together for a 100 straight!

Sage is doing good although I was ready to beat her butt the other night. I had an early morning Tuesday, so I was heading to bed early Monday night and let Sage out to do her business and set to turning off lights, getting clothes ready for the morning, etc. I went outside after a few minutes and called for her - nothing. It was pouring rain so maybe she couldn't hear me - so I grabbed my raincoat, flashlight and her leash, went out to the yard and checked all of the usual places - no Sage. Crap. I spent the next 20 minutes walking around the neighborhood, thinking all of the things that could have happened to her, getting worried, cussing her out, cussing myself out, calling her name out, trying not to yell so loud that I scare the neighbors - and then there she was. All the way at the end of the street, sitting in the road, in the pouring rain, looking at me like she KNEW I was going to whup her little furry butt.

So, long story short - got her on the leash and back to the house and she definitely knew she was in trouble. I was going to scold her, but she knew she did something wrong and it was primarily my own damn fault.

I can't imagine what it would be like to have kids and to worry about them because worrying about my damn dog when she runs off like that just about kills me. Every bad thing that could happen runs through your imagination - other dogs, cars, bad people, raccoons, and the list could go on and on.

Anyhow, the early-to-bed plans were tanked - I did my best to get to bed with the emotions I was feeling but woke up at 2 or so with a sour stomach, stayed up to 3 or so trying to calm that down and then back up at 5 to get ready to hit the road. (I was a pretty good kid growing up, but I don't know how my parents did it - I guess this explains the Rolaids!)

I thought I would be pretty worthless yesterday on that small portion of sleep but it was actually one of the most productive days I have had in a while!

Things are good in other aspects as well, hopefully more on that later!

Alright, I need to get to it, take care and have a great week.