Monday night - sitting here deleting thousands of emails out of my Hotmail inbox. A glitch with an email server at the part-time job sent the email service in loop that resulted in over 50,000 emails being sent to two of my accounts! I need to take a better look (serious understatement) at how I set up my "out of office" response and mail forwarding! Down to 31,000 or so in the Hotmail account and it stinks because I have only figured out how to delete 100 at a time, ugh.

Had a good weekend - helped my bro put a new transmission and transfer case in his old Bronco. It went in pretty easily, which shocked us - we both assumed that it would be a HUGE pain in the butt. Spent Sunday at the range and ran 50 straight for the first time in a long time at trap and that was a damn good feeling. Show some 22's at the rifle and pistol range - overall it was a great day.

OK, back to deleting email....