Hey! The blog is three years and a day old!

Wanted to post a quick howdy to everyone before the day gets started. Off to the trap range here in a bit - haven't shot in a couple of weeks so I am really looking forward to this. The weather was uncooperative the past couple of SUndays but it looks like it is going to be decent today.

Work is going great, really, really busy all around and that is good. I re-newed my membership at the gym and that is going good so far. Three years ago when I started this blog, I started hitting the gym every day and I kept at it for 10 months so I am looking forward to getting back in shape and no, I won't list out how may reps on the eliptical trainer again like I did last time! I will keep you updated on the general progress though!

Got an email this morning that someone broke into the offices of the agancy where I have my contract IT job. This happened in December too - that time they jimmied the locks on the doors and this time they apparently cut through a wall from an adjacent, empty office. The place is packed with computers but the ding-dongs took three flat screen monitors and one older, crappy desktop. So, later today I have to go in and set up a PC to replace the one that was taken and redeploy some of the older monitors. It has to be the same thieves that broke in before and it almost has to be someone who knows someone from the office - there are other agencies and offices in that building with much better equipment and stuff.

Anyhow, I need to get going here, have a great day and I will write more soon.