Hooo boy - the first episode of the new season of Deadwood had me giddy with excitement and anticipation and hot damn, it sure didn't let me down! This has been somewhat of a family-friendly blog over the past few years but it is sure hard not to break into a flurry of Deadwood-isms to proclaim my satisfaction! It is gonna be another great season and honestly, it is the only reason I have HBO right now.

Spent a few hours out at the range today, shot pretty damn good but I need to get better. Dad sent me a link to some good info on sports psychology and I am going to order up a couple of their programs, see if I can get the mental part of my game in shape.

The weather today was absolutely amazing - 65 degrees, sunny, blue skies - and I ended up with a little sunburn. I am still worried that we are going to get hammered with another winter storm before March is over. Many folks hope that happens because we haven't had any snow in the mountains this year which is going to lead to a very dry summer and a drought which will lead to some bad forest fires. I am not even sure that the ski areas have been open for more than a week altogether this winter.

Congrats to my buddy Kevin up in Nebraska - starting his new job soon and moving into a new house - he has worked his tail off his entire life and I am so happy to hear about his successes! Just keep an eye on your folks on the ski slopes Kevin!!

Ok, I need to shuffle off and read a little before I hit the hay.