Saturday morning - I have a little time before I head out so I thought I better hop on here and post an update.

I used a gift certificate from Amazon that a buddy gave me for Christmas to order a few things last week and they were waiting on my doorstep last night when I got home. The third book of the Baroque Cycle - The System of the World, Mike Watt's latest CD - The Secondman's Middle Stand, and finally, a copy of Run Lola Run. So, my reading, video and audio needs will be covered for a while!!

Living and working in Olympia, it is always risky to bring up firearms, shooting and hunting in any discussion because you never really know how folks will react. When anyone hears Olympia mentioned in any discussion, the first things that come to mind are lefty moonbats, stinky hippies, Rachel what's-her-name and Mumia the cop killer giving a graduation speech at Evergreen because they get all the press and that is all you ever hear about when it comes to Olympia. There are a lot of conservative folks here regardless of what is seen and heard in the press - yes, you still see "Kucinich for President" and "Kerry-Edwards" bumper stickers on Volvos, Subarus and hippie-mobiles, but I see a lot more "W" bumper stickers and stickers supporting our troops on all sorts of cars and trucks. Things are changing out here and if Rossi is able to win the court case and get a new election in the fall, I think there will be a lot of happy folks.

Well, I need to get moving here so I can go sell some guns, ammo and accessories. I hope everyone is having a great week and that everyone is safe and sound out there!


Good morning!

Donna got a new puppy and I tell you what, he is just about one of the cutest things I have ever seen. What a great picture! Congrats Donna, Beauregard is a lucky pooch!

Gun show was good yesterday, lots of very cool stuff and accessories. I picked up a Kramer rig that fits my Colt and found a guy in Oregon who makes inexpensive but very heavy duty metal spinner targets - he also told me about a machinegun shoot in mid-May that I will probably head down to. I have always wanted to attend one of those and will start saving my allowance and see if I can make it down there.

Need to hop in the shower and get moving here - have a great day!


Sunday morning, up early and heading to a gun show this morning with my brother.

Have been doing a little prowling around the blogosphere this morning and have come across a couple of great things over at A Small Victory. The first are excerpts from the lost episode of Scooby Doo penned by Hunter S. Thompson - absolutely hilarious. The next cool thing, and a great resource is a site that has every single Calvin and Hobbes cartoon published, in chronological order! Damn, the internet is awesome!!!