Howdy - Big wedding tonight. The rehearsal and rehearsal dinner was last night and went of great. The dinner was at Bud Bay in Olympia and the meal was fantastic - we had our choice of chicken, seafood or a great steak, appetizers everywhere you looked and even a chance at some fantastic dessert. The wedding is this evening with a pre-wedding get-together at 4 and then dinner at El Gaucho in Tacoma after the wedding at 7. I need to track down my book of toasts, because I need to give a good one tonight as the best man!

Alrighty, that is a quick update and I need to get moving here on my end, I hope everyone is doing great out there.


Ah, it is going to be a good day! First email this morning: Season 2 of "Deadwood" starts on March 6th AND Season 1 is now available on DVD.

It makes me want to break out some canned fricking fruit!!

Ok, off to work.


Great game tonight - I was hoping that the Eagles could pull it out at the last minute but they just didn't have enough juice left in their batteries. Commercials were so-so this year - most memorable was the Budweiser tribute to American soldiers - I was in a room full of folks with tears running down their faces, and the new convertible Mustang commercial got a few chuckles, mostly due to the "Fargo" look of the ad. The best part of the whole show tonight was the opening ceremony with "America the Beautiful", and the WW II vets. I wish I had taped it.

Got a couple of rounds of trap in today but it was windy, rainy and cold so it wasn't too much fun. One round was decent but the other I would rather just forget - it was pretty bad.

Should be another busy week at work and at the end of the week, my friends David and Martha are getting hitched and making it official. The wedding is on Saturday, with rehearsal and rehearsal dinner Friday night. Their folks and relatives are showing up Monday and Tuesday, so there is some bar-b-que one night and David's son is putting on an acoustic show Thursday night. I am very, very honored to be the best man - and I was very close to actually performing the wedding! Yes, I got ordained over the Internet - for free no less - but David and Martha decided to have their ceremony in a church, so if the minister gets sick or if he can't make it, I will be the back-up.

Well, I have some laundry I need to toss in the drier and then I need to shuffle off to bed. I hope everyone is doing great out there!