Figured I better put a post up before this things dies on me! Been pretty busy out here and haven't had time for blogging, but things are good - actually they are really damn good. The new job is going great - very enjoyable and I am working with one of the best teams of folks I have ever worked with.

Getting back into the trap shooting mode again after a few weeks off - went out last weekend with my two buddies and shot 4 rounds - a couple of 24's and 23's, so that was a good thing. I wish I could say I was missing the hard targets, but every single miss was more-or-less a straight-away shot. I just need to concentrate on those better! Going out again Sunday to get a few rounds in before the Super Bowl.

Well, I need to get moving here and hop in the shower - we are interviewing folks all day for a position on our team, I think there are 5 candidates altogether, so it will be a looong day.

I hope everyone is doing good out there and I apologize for the lack of posting.