I hope everyone had a safe and Happy New Year weekend. Things were pretty quiet around here and I spent New Years evening watching a couple of movies and flipped over to other channels at the top of the hour for ball dropping, Space Needle fireworks and other celebrations.

The yahoos across the way were shooting off fireworks at the top of every hour and started at 7 PM out here so I stayed home with the pooch.

Sage and I had a couple of close encounters over the weekend. The first involved 4, yes, 1, 2, 3, 4 opossums crossing the road in front of my house while Sage was out doing her thing. Luckily, I saw their beady eyes and white faces before she did and was able to grab her collar before she dashed off after them. They were definitely up to something but we didn't stick around to find out!

The second encounter happened last night. I was pulling into the driveway about 7 or so and there were 4 deer in my driveway right in front of the garage and under the apple tree. I was surprised they were there because Sage was out in her dog area between the house and the garage and I could see her face poking out under the gate watching the deer! They didn't even really give a hoot that I was there either, but they did move out of the way so I could pull my car in. They kind of mosied off when I got out and I had to clap and "shush" them out of the yard before I let the pooch out!

So, critters are showing up in 4's now and it makes me worry about the monster spider I killed last night! Where are his 3 buddies?