Merry Christmas!!


No governor here in Washington yet. Lots of shenanigans (?sp) going on it seems and way too many lawyers involved. The whole things stinks to high heaven. Full scoop on all of it over at Sound Politics - lots of interesting comments too if you have the time. Update at 4:30 - Gregoire by 10???? Sheesh.

Coming down to the last couple of days before Christmas! Just about everything is taken care of, just a few small things to wrap up tonight and tomorrow. The gun store is open Christmas Eve, but not sure how long it will be open though.

Sage is the Best Dog Ever. Just thought I would toss that out there. Of course, my opinion may be biased. I am looking forward to the shorter work day so I can spend more time with her. Yes, I will be working at home in the evenings on some web site stuff, but she likes hanging out in the office, especially when I make her into a giant dog taco with her giant dog bed. I wish I had a third hand to take a picture of the look on her face when I fold her up! Yes, we are both easily amused. I tried the dog taco bit on her the other day though and one of her feet went right into my mouth while we were wrestling around. Yuck.

Packages sent home to the folks and grandparents are going to be there on time according to the UPS tracking system, which is a relief. Even when the packages got sent out on time, I always worry and start thinking about those pictures on the news of the UPS semi trucks tipped over with all of their contents strewn across 4 lanes of icy highway in the mountains somewhere. That would suck.

I have been getting some amused looks from people at the store when I wish them a Merry Christmas. Had one fellow stop and turn around and tell me that I was the first person in all of the stores he had been too this season who had wished him a Merry Christmas. He was very appreciative. What will become of us if this trend to de-sensitize us to Christmas continues? Shame on us for letting it get this far.

If you don't happen to stop by the site between now and Saturday, I hope that you and yours have a very Merry Christmas!!!! Take care!