Ah, Friday evening. Loooong day at work - it sure is great to see all of the youth rifles and shotguns being sold! Lots of lucky guys out there, getting some great rifles, pistols and shotguns for Christmas too. I think I have actually asked three or four wives-of-lucky-dudes if they have sisters! Yeah, cheesy, but what the heck - you never know unless you ask.

Tomorrow is our store Christmas party so we spent a couple of hours after closing to clean the place up and clear the shipping area to make room for crock pots full of meatballs and little smokies and plates of cheese and meat and more meat and lots of candy and even more meat. We sent out invites to all of our good customers so it will be fun to have them all there at the same time.

Lots of things going on out there in the blog world and yes, there is a great post today by one of my Fighting Fusileer Teammates. The donations keep coming in and I tell you what, it sure is wonderful feeling to be a part of this great fund raising effort. Hop on over to Baldilock's site and read her fantastic entry for today. The last line in her entry sums it all up: Some things are worth fighting for. Amen.

As of 8:30 this evening, our team has raised $5185.00, which is absolutely fantastic and we couldn't do it without your help. If you were waiting for Friday to roll around and waiting to deposit that fresh paycheck in the bank, please drop $5 or $10 bucks in the hopper, the money you donate is all going to great projects. Again, thanks for all the help!


Good morning!
The Patriette has the Post O' the Day for the Friends of Iraq - Fighting Fusileers for Freedom!!! Hop on over to her most excellent blog and check it out. If you have a high speed connection, she has a great video that she put together as well that says it all - the link to the video is at the bottom of her page.


Oh Oh Oh!

We are coming down to the final stretch! The Spirit of America Challenge ends next Wednesday, the 15th, so please give if you can. Today's Fighting Fusileers for Freedom! Spirit of America entry is up over at Techography and takes the form of a very well known Christmas tale.

Support the Spirit of America by donating here. Thanks and more later.


Another great post today from another member of the Fighting Fusileers for Freedom, The Cool, Blue Blog. We are taking donations until the 15th of December and every little bit helps. Donate here.

Christmas is the time of the year where you loosen your belt and loosen your wallet. There are many great organizations out there looking out for those in need at this time of the year and on this anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor, my dad sent me an email that he passed along to all of his buddies about an organization, The Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund, that is looking out for injured Marines and their loved-ones that needs to be put out on the web and the word spread. Here is it below:

Greetings -

December 7, 1941 --- December 7, 2004 == 63 years

Today is the day to remember the attack on Pearl Harbor which led to World
War II. This War showed the strength and bravery of the American people and
the young men and women sent to fight the Wars in the Pacific and in Europe.
We fought those Wars in the countries of our enemies and defeated them
after several years and great loss of life. There were many injuries and we
spent a lot of money to keep our Country free. We cannot forget those times
and the "Greatest Generation" who fought the Wars. Not many are left as the
time passes. I want to thank them all for what they did and what we have.

President Bush is in Camp Pendleton, California, this morning visiting with
the Marines of the First Marine Division and Third Marine Aircraft Wing. He
praised the Marines for their work in Afghanistan and Iraq. Said the enemy
would keep on fighting, but "so would the Marines". He made a really "Gung
Ho" speech that made me feel really proud to be a Marine veteran (even if I
didn't get to fight, I was ready). I hope you may all get a chance to see
and hear his Marine speech (maybe on CSpan). It was one of his best. I am
convinced we are seeing the beginning days of another "Greatest Generation"
Legends. All our soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines are doing the hard
work we have asked them to do. They are indeed Great.

He even spoke about a group of Marine and Navy wives who have started a
helping group for injured Marines and Sailors and their families. Here is
the contact information and how you can help if you want. "Injured Marine
Semper Fi Fund". Here is their message from their webpage:

Today more than 174,000 active duty and 37,000 reserve Marines protect the
United States of America, bravely serving our nation in hotbeds of violence
like Iraq and Afghanistan.

Their dedication often has a price. Department of Defense statistics
indicate 1,854 Marines were wounded in Operation Iraqi Freedom from March
19, 2003 through September 4, 2004. While the Marine Corps goes above and
beyond to support Marines and their families, there are limits to the amount
of funding available. The Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund was formed to
provide supplemental assistance to our Marines, sailors, and their families
as they face their road to recovery.

Please help support our Marines and sailors. The Injured Marine Semper Fi
Fund is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and all donations are tax
deductible. The IMSFF is a volunteer-run organization.

To support the fund,
please send donations to:

Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund
825 College Blvd Suite 102
PMB 609
Oceanside, CA 92057

Please make checks payable to the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund.

(Or you can click right here to pay over the Internet.)

Thank you for your support.

Thank you for reading this and I hope you can help the troops and their

Have a Very Merry Christmas.

Thanks for the email Dad and I will spread the word and try to help out any way I can!



The Spirit of America fund raising is going great! The Fighting Fusileers for Freedom are doing a fantastic job and as of right now, the total is over $4000! Many bloggers are donating and of course, legions of loyal readers are helping out as they can and if you go look at the main donation page, you can see that easily over $40,000 has been raised so far by teams of bloggers and individual bloggers. Can you imagine having the reader base that someone like Charles Johnson at LGF has or Roger L. Simon has!?

More is needed though and we will keep rattling the cup and bugging you like crazy to throw another $5 dollar bill in the pot or another $50 if you can.

A great first-hand, on-the-scene example of how these donations are helping the people of Iraq and Afghanistan can be found over at Sgt. Hook's place.

"We spent hours in the hot desert sun fitting children for shoes and sorting the other supplies that had been donated from across America. Afterwards we were invited to share bread and tea with some of the elders who expressed their gratitude to us repeatedly. I thought that it was important to impress upon them that these generous offerings that we had delivered were not from me or my soldiers, but from mothers and fathers and children across the United States who are genuinely hoping and praying that the people of Afghanistan will succeed in being free and live a life ripe with liberty. With that spark in his eye, the mayor looked into my face, pausing for effect, and asked me to thank the benevolent people of America and to pass on an invitation for all to visit his village." (emphasis mine)

Sgt. Hook was there, He saw how these donations can lift the spirits of an entire village. $5 buys us a fancy coffee here in the US but $5 over there buys a shelf of full of books, or food for a week, or shoes for an entire family. Please do what you can knowing that the money you donate is going to truly help. You can donate here.


Long day at the state job working on those @#@#@!! computers. Very frustrating, but made some head-way today.

Breaking news over at Dog Snot Diaries - members of the Northern Alliance were spotted using Spirit of America donations in the form of PayPal checks to pay their bar tab! Stop the insanity! Strangling kittens for fun and now misuse of donations! The horror......

Only 10 days left, so please take a little time and donate to the Spirit of America if you get a chance. Credit cards through PayPal, straight-up credit cards or plain old Paypal or even checks through good old fashioned snail mail will do the trick.

Most of us grew up pretty lucky. We had access to books at our school libraries and they were often given as gifts during birthdays or Christmas and we have cherished those books over the years. I grew up extra lucky - my mother worked at, and then owned a small bookstore so I was never in want of something to read. My imagination was filled with wonderful characters and fantastic adventures that enriched my childhood. To this day, my evening is not complete unless I read a few pages before dozing off. Even after a long night at work, rolling home at 3 AM, I STILL crack open some Hemingway, Jim Harrison or some Neal Stephenson before turning on the alarm clock and turning off the lamp.

Those kids in Iraq are 7, 8, 9, 10 years old and they have never even read ONE book. The books haven't been available, the schools haven't had libraries and these kids don't have a clue who Bre'r Rabbit is or who Curious George is, or who Anne Frank is or what she did. The Spirit of America project is going to furnish these schools with some great books and the money you donate is going to directly help projects like this one and many more. Please do what you can, think how important those books on your bedroom shelf are to you and how they enriched your life. You can donate here.

Thanks again and I hope you all have a great Monday!