Happy Thanksgiving!

I tried posting this earlier but something went out of whack with the blogger site, so here I am again, post-dinner.

Went over to the bro's place to Thanksgiving dinner and had a great time and some great food. I made the standard Green Bean Casserole again this year although I was a little bit late getting over there. When you make green bean casserole - mix in the green beans, the soup, the water chestnuts, a little pepper and those fried, crispy onion ring thingies - it is very important to turn the oven on! Yep, I set the oven properly for 350 degrees and after about 15 minutes I wanted to check on it and the oven was cold because I forgot to turn the oven on "bake." Live and learn I say.

The dinner was great - lots of turkey and ham and potatoes and Waldorf Salad and rice and stuffing and gravy and cranberry sauce and rolls and of course, black olives. Those are truly a necessity. It wouldn't be Thanksgiving without them! There was pumpkin pie too - not quite as good as Mom's - but it was good.

Yesterday was also the birthday of one of my nieces. She is a big fan of Audrey Hepburn so I found a three DVD set for her of Ms. Hepburn's best. This gives me hope for the younger generation! When she first saw the package, she guessed it was one of the Lord of the Ring's movies and was very excited and happy to see that it was the Hepburn movies. Good stuff.

I made it home about an hour or so ago and Sage and I have been enjoying the quiet evening, listening to some music and I have been doing a little cleaning around the house, reflecting on the past year. It has been a good year for me - I have been busy with lots of work and in a couple days or so I will finally have a real announcement to make.

This past year has been a tough one also, but I managed to make it through okay, a little bit smarter and a little bit wiser.

I think it is also important to give thanks to those who have served in the military and to those currently serving in those dark, lonely places all around the world. Saying "Thank You" will never be enough. Buy a soldier a meal, walk up and shake their hand, look them in the eye, and tell them how much their dedication means to you. All of us are so very fortunate to be surrounded by men and women who give up their time and sometimes their lives, to protect and promote freedom around the world.

Ok, enough from me for now. Take care and Happy Thanksgiving!!


Phew! The final tally from the re-count just came in and Rossi wins by 42 freaking votes! The Dems tried as hard as they could in King County to find some hidden votes and hand inspected every single ballot they could get their grubby mitts on, looking for specks of dust that might have settled on Gregoire's "fill in the oval" doo-hickey. That thing probably has a name, but I can't think of it - but who ever knew what a "chad" was before?

The Dems are talking about yet another re-count, and this one is geared towards hiring the unemployed looney liberals because it will require a county like King County to hire an additional 300 folks to handle the recount process that can take up to 2 weeks. Fun stuff.

Work is busy today - 8 new desktops and 1 supa-dupa laptop to unpack, configure and get on the network. Just about everyone else here has gotten a head start on the Holiday, but I will take advantage of the quiet time to get some things done that need doing.

I will probably need to come in Sunday to finish this upgrade, but I am going to try and get out to the range and shoot some trap. I think I need to take the next step and talk to someone about my shooting and see if I can improve a little. I have leveled out at 23 or 24 out of 25 and have been holding there for a few weeks and it is getting very frustrating. Not sure if I am overlooking something simple - maybe I just need to get some new glasses! There are a couple of good books and videos out now that deal with reaching that 25/25 score consistently and offer advice on hitting that 200/200 or even 400/400 score!!

Well, I need to get back to it. I hope everyone has the chance to spend some time with their loved ones and their families over the next couple of days - for me it is Thanksgiving at my bro's place and that reminds me - I need to stop and get fixings for green bean casserole! Take care and have a great day!