Rossi wins by 261 votes!!!!!! On to the re-count....sigh. I need to pick up another bottle of Pepcid, maybe Costco sells them by the case! This gives me great hope for the state and for Olympia - lots of squirming, nervous bureaucrats out there tonight, working on their resumes.......

Have been keeping an eye on the vote tallies for the governor race here in Washington all day long and damn, it is close! As of right now, with 2.7 million or so votes counted, Gregoire is up by 34 votes!! King County (heavy demo county) has finished it's reporting and there are a few counties left that lean towards Rossi so it is going to be closer than anyone could imagine. The page to watch is the Sound Politics Blog and the Washington Secretary of State Elections Page, and make sure you hit the refresh button about every 30 seconds or so! I have just about worn out my F5 key today!!! Go Dino!!!!


Wow, the Washington governor's race is coming right smack down to the wire! I check the Sound Politics Blog about every hour or so and it is going to be a close one - as of this evening, Rossi is up by 19 votes! The lawyers are all in the starting gates and ready to go and if the Dems are up, the Republicans are going to sue and if the Republicans are up, the Democrats are going to sue! Talk about a barn burner! Most of the caluclations show Rossi (potentially the first Republican governor in Washington in 24 years!!!!!!) is going to win - I have my fingers and toes crossed.

Not much else to report - had a good talk with the folks last night and I want to wish my mom a Happy Birthday again! Work is busy as usual and no news to report on the job front - I am going to stick it out through the holidays and re-evaluate my situation once the dust of the holiday season has settled.

Well, need to head off to bed, take care and good night.