What a beautiful day it is here. The sun is shining, we have blue skies, the air is crisp and cool and all of the looney left liberals are walking around all slack-jawed and stunned, looking like they got rolled by a heard of buffalo. It is truly a beautiful thing to see. I actually have had to concentrate on not smiling too much at the state job today - this is actually the end of the world for all of these folks and right now I am skipping out of the "post-election what-do-we-do-now and how-does-this-affect-us" meeting. The cinnammon rolls smell really good but I am afraid that the glint in my eye and the smile on my face would betray my emotions.

Still a tight race for governor here in Washington. As I type, Dino Rossi, the Republican candiate has a narrow lead, so I am keeping my fingers crossed.

So, for two days now I haven't been able to access InstaPundit - anyone else having the same problem? I bet his site is just getting slammed.

Ok, need to get back to it, I hope everyone is doing great out there.


Had a great Sunday - the weather was beautiful, the kind of clear, cool Fall day that you remember for a long time. Shot a few rounds of trap and did so-so, I am really working on my form and the scores showed it, but I had a lot of fun and that is what matters.

I also realized something yesterday - the club uses a "voice call" system - no trap boys or girls keeping score or pushing the button to fling a target. It makes the shooter keep track of the score in his head while he/she should be concentrating on one target at a time. The mechanics are easy to master, the mental part of the game is the hardest.

With someone else keeping score, it is easy to get in that zone where every target looks like a giant trash can lid, gently, slowly floating out of the trap house and smashing every single one into a cloud of dust with an ounce of number 8's seems easy. Keeping track of the score in your head is a Very Bad Thing when it comes to the clay target games. Something else for me to work on.

Rainy, cool and windy here today. Was just outside with the pooch and there was a Twin Peaks style, opening credits/spooky scene transition high wind blowing through the trees in my yard. Yes, it was Very Cool.

Work was damn busy today and it was a typical Monday. Lots to do and orders to fill and customers to talk to about ballistics and the new Remington and best loads for elk and bear, etc. The day flew past - which is a good thing.

Halloween was a bust at my place. No trick-or-treaters at all this year - just me sitting on the couch eating too many Tootsie Rolls and watching scary movies. Good times.

The election is tomorrow - don't forget to stop by the polling place and cast your ballot!!

Ok, gotta go, I hope everyone is doing fine and dandy out there.