Septic system is still working fine and believe me, I am keeping a close eye on it! That was one of the nastiest things I have ever done and yes, I will be picking up some root killer stuff for the system as well as some septic tank bacteria stuff.

Yesterday was my birthday and I got some great gifts and cards and heard from some friends that I hadn't heard from in a while and once again I am reminded how lucky I am.

Beautiful day here in Olympia today and I enjoyed my lunch out in the sun. Pretty busy here today at the state job, lots of maintenance tasks and small problems to deal with, but everything is under control.

Work at the store is busy too - we are gearing up for the holidays.

Not much else to report - reading the Tommy Franks book and Unfit for Command which is confirming my original thoughts and how I feel about Kerry. Preaching to the choir.

Well, got to get back to it, had a couple of minutes of free time so I thought I would check in. Take care.


Last week I discovered a loose dog in the neighborhood. It was Wednesday night because I remember that when the owner came by my place to pick up the dog I was wearing shorts, a t-shirt, a barn coat, brown socks and my tennis shoes. The brown socks are the main clue - on days when I work at the gun store, I typically wear plain white socks with my boots or sneakers - and because I remember thinking how silly I looked with the brown socks and the rest of the get-up I had on - it must have been Wednesday. Anyhow....

I was letting Sage do her business out in the yard and I saw a dog trotting down the street. You never know if a loose dog is friendly or if it has just eaten an entire family and was on the prowl for more human flesh, so I got Sage inside and went back out with my leash to see if I could catch the dog. If my dog had been wandering around the neighborhood like that, I would hope that someone, even in their "doing laundry" clothes would try to catch her and give me a call, even if it was possible that she had just eaten an entire family. So, I caught the dog, Drake, a golden retriever, and saw that he had a collar and a dog tag with a local address with the name, address and phone numbers of the owners - Jessica and Shannon. Of course, briefly, I thought that I had found the dog of two lonely Victoria Secret underwear models! When I called the first number on the tag and asked for Jessica or Shannon, I found myself talking to Jessica who was in Hawaii which was quite a shock (hmmm, on a swimsuit / lingerie photo shoot? no, damnit) - her husband, Shannon was home and she would call him and let him know that I had the dog.

Shannon came over in his truck and got Drake and I swear that dog must have spent the entire evening rolling in something dead! Phew, he stunk!

So, this evening, as I was letting Sage do her business, here comes Drake again, quick-stepping down the middle of the road and swerving into my yard when he saw me! I still had Shannon's phone number written down so I called him to come fetch his dog again. I just hope that if Sage ever gets out that someone will give me a buzz, no matter how late it is.

Had to take a break there because I had to take care of one of the most unpleasant things I have ever had to do. Without getting into the gory details, let me just say that it has something to do with a septic tank, bushes planted too close to the sewage outlet/septic tank input, and roots growing into the junction and blocking the sewage outlet. Like plumbers say, it all goes downhill unless there is a giant, nasty rootball clogging the pipe and then it all goes uphill. Yep. Ugh.

Ok, I need to go get the turpentine and a wire brush from the garage and scrape the outer layer of skin off of my body. I hope everyone is doing great out there and it wouldn't be too hard to be doing better than me! Later.