Almost two weeks! Sheesh, I used to be really good at this blogging thing but lately I just haven't had much to say and I have been pretty busy!

House-sat for my bro and his wife all last week while they drove back to Missouri to see the folks and grandparents. Everything on my end of the deal went ok, no dogs got lost, all the cats are still there and I didn't leave any messes behind!

Sage is glad to have me back at home though and it is nice to sleep in my own bed again!

On the way back from their trip, the bro and his wife picked up a bag of Hardees hot ham-and-cheese sandwiches which were fantastic for dinner the other night. Something about those things -mm mm mmm. The bro also brought back the rest of my rifles and shotguns that Dad had stored for me and damn, talk about a trip down memory lane when I pulled them out of the cases! Picked up some new cleaning supplies yesterday at work so I will have to spend an evening wiping everything down, cleaning them good and start making some planse to go do a little shooting.

Not much else to report out here. I hope everyone is doing fine and dandy out there.