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Forgot to mention that I went to a Mariner's game on Monday! A good friend got tickets for his birthday a couple of months ago and they were The Best Tickets Ever. My seat was directly behind home plate and about 15 rows up. The game was good but the Mariners really stink this year, but we had a great time. Got to Seattle a little bit early and had a few beers and some BBQ at Macs a couple of blocks away from the stadium.

Work was good today, stayed very busy and the day flew by and the evening has managed to speed past also and it is already close to bedtime! Seems like I got home just a little bit ago! The days are getting shorter and shorter - fall is on the way.

Getting close to the expiration of the Assault Weapons Ban which is a damn good thing. One of the silliest pieces of legislation ever passed, all it really did was inflate the prices of firearms and accessories and frustrate law abiding citizens.

Ok, I need to finish off some chores around here and get to bed at a decent hour. Getting close to finishing up the book Cryptonomicon which has been one of the best books I have ever read. There is a movement afoot to make a movie out of one of Neal Stephenson's books and I saw the link on InstaPundit....where the heck is it.....ah, here it is. (awesome search tool on Reynold's site) Read all about it over at Pejmanesque. Lots of interesting "deep geek" discussion over there too.

Ok, gotta go. Take care and I hope everyone is doing great out there.


Once again, I need to do a little catching up on the blog. After sitting at a computer all day at both jobs, I get a little tired of using the damn things so I let a few things slide by that I need to get posted.

First off, I went trap shooting again last weekend with a good customer from the store and a good buddy I have worked with in the past at several jobs. I told him last week that we were going to head out to the range and he showed up Saturday at the store to buy a shotgun! He got a nice little Italian over/under that did the trick. My buddy had never shot a clay target other than the ones flung out of a hand-held thrower so this was all pretty new to him. His first round he shot 3. Yep, 3. 1, 2, 3. 3/25. He was a little discouraged, but I wanted him to go out there and give it a try without any pointers. After that first round of 25, we walked over to the patterning board and I was able to illustrate where his shot pattern was hitting - his gun is more of a field gun and would be great for sporting clays or skeet and is not a high shooter like most purpose-built trap guns.

We shot a few more rounds and before each round I pointed out one additional tip that would help him hit the targets better: where he holds the gun on the trap house before calling for a bird, foot stance and body balance, etc. He steadily increased his scores each time and paid attention to what I was telling him and his last round was 21/25! Not too damn shabby! I think I hooked another one!

There was a registered shoot going on at the club and about half-way through showing my friend how to shoot, this jackass wandered over and started telling my friend that his shotgun was all wrong, the dealer that sold it to him screwed him over and sold him the wrong gun, go spend some money and get a real trap gun, blah, blah blah. When he finally said something about taking it back to the dealer and my buddy handed the gun to me, the jackass shut his piehole, apologized and wandered off to bother someone else. There was no way I was going to sell my buddy a purpose-built, high-ribbed, single barrel trap gun. This is the first shotgun he has owned and it is a good damned place to start, that jackass can kiss my grits!

Anyhow, my friend is pretty damn excited about doing some more shooting and he really enjoyed it. We will probably head back out there again this weekend and shoot some more. How did I do? Just like I never stopped shooting. I think that I have thought about it so much over the past few years and had good instruction from my Dad and a few of his buddies, that it all just came right back to me.

Just ate an apple off of the tree out front. Absolutely perfect. The local deer are making a serious dent in the pile of apples under the tree and I practically had to run them off Monday night when I got home before I let Sage out. My apple tree actually has a couple of new blossoms that have opened up in the past couple of days. Pretty strange.

I have added a few new sites over to the right and I want make sure that my faithful readers make note of them.

Starting from the top:

Drink This... "The random rants, raves and recommendations of one tall glass of milk" The "milk" and the "tall" caught my attention but I can't quite remember where I saw her site first. Great commentary PLUS she is a serious NASCAR fan.

Knowledge is Power by SondraK. Sondra lives around Western Washington somewhere and has the same opinion of the lefty moonbats in Olympia that I do and I know I have mentioned her site before but it is a good one. Side-splitting images and commentary and Sondra does some great stuff with the folks at Ft. Lewis. Just be careful and don't move your mouse over the image on the left of her page that is a back-shot with long black hair and the camo pants when your boss is around. (Right below the camo thong, yup, right there.)

Not sure if I mentioned Moxie when I added her site a while ago, so here it is! She is one of the more famous bloggers out there and she was even on the Dennis Miller show a few weeks ago. Moxie took a small break from blogging for a while but I swear I saw her at the RNC in the audience! Maybe I am the one that needs to take a break....

Sound Politics has become a daily "must read" for me too. A consortium of great bloggers get together on this site and they manage to keep their fingers on what the political jack-holes are up to around here. Great stuff, and after reading that one and Jim Miller on Politics, I think I know too much about Western Washington politics!

SoxBlog - great political site and commentary. Right in there with Instapundit (like he needs a link!) and Roger L. Simon. The news is so slanted anymore, if I want to know the real deal, I go check those guys out.

Keeping an eye on the 2nd Amendment:

Heartless Libertarian - Guns and politics and all that good stuff.

Geek With a .45 - More great gun stuff

Walking the Walls - Keeping an eye on the Assault Weapons Ban sunset and what our representative form of government is doing or not doing about it.

Jeff at Alphecca has been all over the AWB and what the ding-dong media is saying about it too, so if you want to keep up with what is going on, you have to start at Alphecca.

Well, that should keep you busy for a while. Thanks for looking!

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