Ok, all finished up now. Had to install a potentially dangerous service pack so I spent most of the day backing things up and trying different approaches before I went past the point of no return. Luckily it all worked and everyone is all smiles now. (wiping sweat from brow and thanking the computer gods that everything worked out ok and that the entire freaking system didn't get erased.)

Have a meeting tonight so I won't be able to see W live, but will catch his speech later tonight on C-Span. I am still chuckling at Senator Miller's speech last night and the confrontation between Sen. Miller and that dirtball Chris Matthews. Hah! Some good stuff over at Sisu on Senator Miller and yet another entry on the content, style and presentation differences between VP Cheney and Sen. Miller. It's all good. Some great links in there as well to some other essays. Go read 'em!

Today is Donna of The DonnaVille's birthday. She is getting delusional in her "old age" and thinks that she is living in the movie "Logan's Run" where you can't live past the age of 30 and anyone living past the age of 30 is not to be trusted. She will soon discover that at 30, you can still get away with a lot of things. Happy Birthday Donna.
At work dealing with some MS Exchange problems this morning - every time I think things are stable and cruising along nice and steady! Ouch.

Speaking of ouch, Senator Zell Miller took the Democrats out to the wood shed last night! He even made them go cut their own switch from the hickory tree! That was absolutely fantastic and it was refreshing to finally hear someone say it like it really is, none of that pussy footing around BS. Cheney was damn good too and I am sure glad he is the VP to back up W. Senator Miller was like a stump carver with a chainsaw taking out big, huge hunks - ow, oww! OWWW!! and Cheney was the Dentist - slowly, steadily, consistently drilling away - both of them seriously traumatized Kerry and his campaign. I almost expected a Flash News Alert that Kerry had withdrawn, it was that bad.

Well, I still have lots to do here and the process I am running on the server is almost complete so I reckon I out to get back to it. Later.