I have been slacking off for a few days and need to post a few things!

I have really been enjoying the Olympics on TV this year and it has been great to watch sports like Badmitton, Ping Pong, Rowing and Field Hockey as well as the many (compared to previous years) broadcasts of the shooting sports. I, like many others, have just about had it with Gymnastics but I think I could watch hours and hours of Ping Pong and Badmitton!

The swimming this year was great too, lots of drama and it was nice to see someone like Phelps win, although every time I see him I think of Wallace from "Wallace and Grommet". And Women's Beach Volleyball, damn! As nifty as those little outfits are though, I think I would rather spend the weekend with the Women's Field Hockey team from Germany or Holland.

Let's see, what's going on around here......LOTS of apples this year, probably the biggest crop I have ever seen. They are growing on the tree in bunches like grapes! There is already a hint of fall in the air and the smell of apples every morning puts a big grin on my face.

Did some trap shooting last weekend too. I haven't shot trap for quite a while, but immediately got back into the swing of things with several 24s, a couple 23s, one 25 straight and even a 24 from the 25 yard handicap positions. Needless to say, I was pretty pleased with myself! One of our customers at the store has become a friend of mine and he met me out there and had a great time too.

Politics - yowsa. Seems like Kerry just continues to auger himself right into the ground, twisting and turning, digging himself a deeper and deeper hole. If I was a betting man, I would put all of my money on President Bush. I think he can just sit back and watch the disaster that is the Kerry-Edwards ticket and pretty much sweep it in November. There is a ton of great commentary out there, all kinds of analysis and punditry, but one of the best things I have read in a the past couple of days is this essay by Varifrank: Farewell John Kerry! Found it on Instapundit.

Sage has fleas. (nice segue, eh?) So, I have applied the medicine all along her backbone - shoulder blades to tail, she is wearing a flea collar and this weekend she gets the flea dip. At first I thought that she was scratching due to some allergies she has - she had them earlier this spring and I thought it was just another outbreak of some oddball fern pollen or something - but I spotted one of the little buggers yesterday. Sorry pup, I wish I would have administered the anti-flea juice earlier! She will be okay though, although I probably need to gas the whole joint and get rid of all the little flea bastards.

Work is ok all around. Staying busy with both jobs and have been learning a few new things here and there. Have also installed the latest copy of ESRI GIS software (90 day eval) and have been trying to keep my axe sharp when it comes to those skills and there is potentially, maybe, kinda-sorta, possibly a new job for me out there related to that. More on all of that later. Lots to do over the next couple of days for a compliance check at the state though. Lots of typing and form-filling, but it has to be done.

Reading - Cryptonomicon (very, very good book), Listening - Big Band and various lounge music and I think that is about it for now. I hope everyone is doing ok out there!



Well, Shawn gave it a hell of a run and damn, I am proud of him! He ended up 5th overall after loosing a shoot-off for the Bronze Medal at the Olympics - talk about some seriously high drama and tension! Here is an excerpt from an article I found on the MercuryNews web site:

Also Sunday, Shawn Dulohery, who is at heart a good 'ol boy in the non-redneck, best sense of homespun America, felt emotion take away his ability to speak.

The first time came when Dulohery revealed that the good folks at the General Motors Fairfax plant and the Pipefitters Local 533 back in Kansas City had helped get his sisters Stacey and Stephanie and his fiance Debbie to Greece to see him make the medal final of the 2004 Olympic Games skeet shooting.

"I just know that anybody...," and here the tough ol' 39-year-old lost it, "anybody that's helped get my family here, it's very much appreciated."

The second time Dulohery lost control was when he heard the words of sister Stacey, after he lost the bronze medal in a three-man shootout by missing his first target after smashing 60 in a row dating back to his third from the last shot in the day's first of two qualifying sessions.

"He did a kick (great) job," Stacey said, after her brother finished ultimately fifth.

"She's a good ol' girl," Shawn said. "We're all country people.

"I just want to come to pieces right now," Dulohery said of missing the medal shootout shot on his fifth of six shots. "Hitting that could have meant the difference between winning and not winning, the bronze medal anyway.

"I'm just trying to live where I'm at."

Dulohery is a sergeant in the Army, living now in Columbus, Ga. But, of course, he wasn't speaking in geographical terms.

The skeet gold medal was also decided in a shootout.

Andrea Benelli of Italy and Marko Kemppainen of Finland both missed in the second round of the shootout. Benelli won the gold and Kemppainen missed again in the next round.

It was a close competition throughout, starting in qualifying, which began on Saturday with 75 targets in three sessions at the Markopoulo Olympic Shooting Center and continued with 50 shots in two more qualifying sessions on Sunday.

Dulohery missed only three shots in the 125 shots of qualifications, but two came in session four on Sunday, and he wasn't happy about that.

"I really, really wasn't," he said.

He rallied in session five, going 25 for 25. His 122-shot total got him into a five-man shootoff for the final four slots in the medal final. And Dulohery made all four before one shooter was eliminated.

Between qualifying and the final, Dulohery spoke with obvious feeling about the good folks back home that helped get his sisters and his fiancee to Greece after Dulohery had just about tapped out his own finances.

Dulohery also sent an emotional thank you along to his dad, Daniel, who had his left leg amputated on Easter Sunday in 2000 when he suffered an aneurysm in an artery behind his left knee.

Because of Daniel's membership in the pipefitter's union, his old friends there helped Shawn and the family out with Olympic expenses.

Then there were the folks at General Motors down in Fairfax, where Daniel had worked maintenance.

"It was really exciting to know that down at General Motors, after four or five years, that they haven't forgotten dad's little boy."

Eventually, Dulohery got over his disappointment.

And, he couldn't wait to send a present to his 11-year-old daughter, Haley, a special memento he picked up in the Athletes Village. It's a photograph taken with Kansas City Olympic gymnasts Courtney McCool and Terin Humphrey.

"She'll be more excited about that," Dulohery said, "than how dad's doing on the shooting range."