Nice change in the weather today. I woke up this morning to fog, clouds and rain and we received some much needed precipitation pretty much all day. It is still raining a little right now, nice pitter-patter of rain on the roof just above my head up here in the loft.

I am getting pretty damn excited to see how Shawn does at Men's Skeet in Athens. I peeked over at the NBC Olympics page that show results and winners and I know he made the cut for the finals and is only one target out of first place. I am not sure what the time difference is, too lazy to look it up at the moment, but I assume that by the time I wake up in the morning, the contest will be complete. It is on TV tomorrow evening on BRAVO at 5 PM Pacific, but we will know how it ended up by then.

Lots of stuff going on in politics nationally that just amazes me. Some "rich" guy in Texas gives $150k to the Swift Boat Vets and the Democrats have a hissy fit. Of course, the righ guy is from TEXAS so he must be connected to Pres. Bush! Collusion! Cheaters!! No one really cares about the millions that George "Assholius" Soros has given to MoveOn, or all of the lies that Moore, Clarke, Plame, etc. have published. Check out this link of top contributors to 527 Orgs that I found over at SondraK's blog. Amazing. I say good for the Swift Boat Vets and the $150k that was spent on that ad - they sure received much more value for their investment than the combined millions spent so far by Democrats and their 527 organizations.

Another essay that I highly recommend was found on SondraK's site. It was written by Ben Stein - you all know him from Ferris Bueller's Day Off ("Bueller? Bueller?). Sondra mentions getting out the tissue and you probably should - it is a very well written and a very moving essay that, well, the title says it all: How Can Someone Who Lives in Insane Luxury Be a Star in Today's World? You should go read it.

Ok, I gotta go. Send good thoughts Shawn's way!


Whoops, double post.

Had a nice surprise this evening when I scanned through my AM Olympic tape expecting to see Men's Running Target competition and came across the women's Skeet finals. Not too bad of a showing from Ms. Rhode and I am sure we will see her again in 4 years in China.

Busy with work out here but I am really looking forward to shooting some clay targets on Sunday out at the club. I was all fired up to go bust some clays last night, but after packing up the car and driving out there, I found out they aren't open on Wednesday evenings any more. That's ok because now I can spend more time out there Sunday and may even give their 5 Stand a try and I think the Sporting Clays course is open too. I will definitely report back Sunday evening and let you know how it went. I am hoping that I can remember how, it has been a few years. I guess I can take some inspiration from the Women's Gold Medal Skeet shooter who only gets to practice a couple of times a year due to firearms restrictions in her country! yikes.




Just heard from the Old Man that Kimberly Rhode won a Gold Medal for Women's Double Trap at the Olympics!!!! That is just fantastic!

Of course, according to the schedule I have, it is one of the shooting events they aren't showing. What's up with that? Who's the genius who decided not to televise the one event that showcases a young American woman who previously won a gold medal? Conspiracy?