Computers moved, network cables run, T1 installed, server moved and installed and just like magic, everything works!  Well, there is one bad network port but that will be fixed tomorrow.  The move was good and everything worked out the way I had planned it, but my butt is whupped and I am going to sleep like a log tonight! 

The view from the new office is fantastic - looking north over downtown and out to the water, the Olympics in the background and west over Capitol Lake with the Black Hills in the background.  Very nice.  My 'nook' is smack dab in the middle of the office, more like a wide hallway behind the printer counter, but I am only there a little bit each week so that is ok. 

How 'bout them Democrats!??  They are possibly the most dangerous group of people I have ever seen.  You hear what they say and how they smile about it, but if you have been paying attention at all, you understand what they want to do to us.  We are just a dangling chad or two away from Socialism and everything that is great and wonderful and fantastic about this country is doomed.  And is there some type of pneumatic sign delivery system installed under the floor at the convention?  Sheesh.


Good news:  Rodger of Curmudgeonly and Skeptical is guest blogging over at SondraK's blog.  It's the first step to recovery!