Hot, hot, freaking HOT!  It hit 99 yesterday and was pretty close to that today.  Last night it hovered around 75 - 78 all night and that just totally sucked.  It's end-of-the-movie-Apocalypse Now-Marlon Brando/Colonel Kurtz sweaty hot up here, ugh.  The horror, the horror.......  We just aren't used to that kind of heat up here and it just wipes me out anymore, although I was able to get off work early and made use of my extra time by hitting the bookstore and mowing the dead grass and weeds in my yard.  It looks like a very nice, smooth, sculptured dead, brown golf course now.  Chased Sage around with a water hose and that wasn't a good idea although I think she enjoyed the break from the heat.  Now the house smells like a warm wet dog - I can handle the wet dog smell in the fall and winter, it is one of my favorite things and Sage smells especially good, but in the heat it is just not good at all.

Tomorrow is the first of four days in a row working for the state - we are moving offices and I am in charge of getting all the PCs and servers moved safely, re-establish the network and getting everything up and running without too much downtime.  The past few weeks have been busy getting a vendor to string the new network, coordination with the state IT folks and Qwest for getting the T1 line in, following through on some change orders regarding some special power needs we have - dedicated outlets for the server battery backup and the copier.  Meanwhile, most of our requests went through for new PC's, a laptop, managed email services, etc., so that will keep me busy once we are settled into the new space.

Meanwhile, I don't have one single clean plate, bowl or silverware.  Yes, every single piece is dirty and needs to be washed, so that is on the agenda for tonight once I figure out what is for dinner.  And yes Mom, even the gas station freebie give-aways from 1975 are dirty!  Collectors items, I'm telling ya!

Ok, gotta go, hope everyone is calm, cool and collected out there.




And what's up with Rodger at Curmudgeonly and Skeptical?  It looks like he is going to stop blogging or something and we can't let that happen!  Go leave a message for him in his comments and let him know how much you appreciate the time and effort he puts into his site - and he does put up some of the very best political and social commentary that is out there on the web.  The three sites I read daily, no matter what, are Lileks, Instapundit and Rodger's Curmedgeonly and Skeptical.  I hope he can just take a break and come back strong bcause if he goes, he will be missed.

"Seen the movie?"
"The movie?"
"Yes, the movie, have you seen it?"

Watched Spartan tonight on DVD for the second time in about a week.  Damn good movie with superb acting, a great plot and Mamet's signature dialogue full of alliterations, cliches and the rapid fire dialogue which I have always enjoyed. 

Val Kilmer must have really, really pissed someone off in Hollywood because the first time I heard of the movie was when I saw it on the shelf for rent.  I remember reading that he got screwed by Disney or pissed off Disney and they didn't submit him for an Oscar for his part of Doc Holliday in Tombstone.  I guess they must still be mad. 

Update:  When I saw it on the shelf, it jogged an old memory and I just realized what it was.  Lileks saw the movie a few weeks ago and did a damn good job with some Mamet-like dialogue and wonders, like I did, where Rebecca Pidgeon, aka Mrs. Mamet was.   The movie doesn't lack any Mamet relations though, there are at least three Mamets listed in the credits!

"Mamets?"  "In the credits?"

"Yes."  "In the credits of the movie."


"Spartan."  "Yes, in the credits of the movie Spartan."

Go rent it, you will like it.  Or maybe not.





Just a quick post.  A friend who moved to Costa Rica earlier this year is in town so I am heading into Olympia to catch up with her here in a little bit.  She and her husband sold their waterfront home here and moved to Costa Rica and have recently purchased a bed and breakfast down there, so it will be fun to hear about all of her adventures.

Work is busy, busy, busy.  Weather has been pretty damn warm up here, I am getting a little tired of the 90 degree days but the worst part is coming home in the evening and the loft where my office is feels like a George Foreman Chicken Broiler. 

Ok, I gotta go and I need to read a few blogs and watch some news because all I have heard about is the Sandy Berger deal and Linda Ronstadt being kicked out of some casino in Vegas for spouting off about the asshat Michael Moore.  Perfect example of another moonbat who thinks the world revolves around them.   I say Bravo to the casino owners and although I have never vacationed in Vegas, that is just the kind of thing that makes me want to go down there.

Ok, later gator.