Heh. This is just a wonderful set of pictures! Found the link on Kim's site: Bush, Blair, Rummy and Iraq Sovereignty


Congratulations to Iraq! Couple of great entries over on Iraq The Model here and here. I think it is fan-freaking-tastic that we handed over the reins two days ahead of time. I am sure the lefties are already trying to spin this to their advantage and it looks like Serenity is on the ball and has a great response to the loonies.

BLACKFIVE has a letter from a Marine that pretty much sums up why those poor, dumb terrorists bastards should never mess with the United States Marine Corps. If the terrorists were upset and had their panties in a bind because of the way things were, they ain't going to be happy at all with what's coming. You reap what you sow Akbar, you should have just walked away......

So when are they going to outlaw illegal interrogation tactics such as "nuggies", "horse bites" and "Indian burns"?


Warm here today and very busy at the store from about 9 AM until about 4 PM - non-stop phone orders and folks dropping in. One fellow purchased a pair of Ruger Bisley Vaqueros for his sister and her fiance' as a wedding gift. One comes with ivory grips and the other comes with wood grips but he also ordered a set of black buffalo horn grips to replace the wood and they are going to look great on that gun.

Lots of lever guns ordered today too - 45-70's, 44 mag, 45 LC - I think that the Cowboy Action Shooting leagues must be getting into full swing. What a great sport!! Don't know what Cowboy Action shooting is? Check out the sites of the Single Action Shooting Society, or the official End of the Trail website. Fun stuff.

A high school buddy of mine achieved a life-long dream and has made the United States Olympic Skeet Team! Congratulations Shawn!! He is also #15 on CBS's "Ones to Watch" list at the Olympics, very cool. Now I can say that I knew him when.....