Need to post some things before the dates and entries all roll off the bottom of the page.

Good Lileks today - Gnat, Jasper, Green Goddess salad dressing and Michael Moore.

Serenity has some great posts up lately too, including a link to the story of Bryan Henderson, the high school kid who is tired of putting up with the Moonbats at his high school and is doing something about it. Also check out her "Paying My Own Way" entry. Hell, all of her stuff is great, just make sure to hop over there a couple of times a day and see what's new.

Dad's visit was great, the weather turned very warm and we did tons of fun stuff including a little target shooting, a lot of visiting, shot a little pool, smoked some stogies and the best part was going with the Bro, his family and Dad to the Veteran's Museum Dinner at the new museum in Chehalis. I don't think it will be too often that I can say I danced with a WWII USO Dancer to swing music. The museum visit, dinner and dance will require an entire post sometime in the next couple of days. Long day for me and I need to hit the hay.