Dad made it here safe and sound and I think he brought the hot Kansas City weather with him! It was 95 degrees on the west side of the Black Hills yesterday afternoon!

Had a great Italian dinner last night with Dad, the Bro and his brood. The bummer was that I had to come back to the state job after dinner and was here until 4 AM working on a damn email server problem caused by bad virus definition files. Made it home finally at 4:30, let the dog in, set the alarm, flopped on the bed and woke right up at 6:30 and now I am back at it with a quad Americano in my hand - probably the first of several today! Sage was not very happy with me and is probably sacked out in her doghouse. I could lay down anywhere right now and fall asleep. But, everything is working and I don't have 20 people standing around me waiting for me to fix things. (knock on wood)

Ok, I gotta go, have a great day.



Warm here today!! Dad was concerned about the weather out here for his visit, but it is going to be in the 70's and might even creep into the 80's - ought to feel just like home! We won't need to bust out the Cabelas Arctic Tundra Ranger Coat for him!

The weather is just spectacular. Not a cloud in the sky, east to west, north to south. Perfect. Makes living among the liberal asshats halfway tolerable, although when they get all sweaty and have that pungent pachouli/sweaty thing going, it isn't too pleasant. Can you tell I have been reading Serenity's Journal? She lived up here for 13 years and finally had enough and moved to Texas last year!

HUGE wasp nest under one of the eaves on the garage! It is getting bigger and bigger each day and I was hoping for a nice, very cool morning to remove that sucker, but it has been warm for the past couple of days. I am going to need to purchase some wasp freeze spray or something to get that sucker removed. I would leave it but it is right over Sage's dog run and I have to duck and scramble to get past it to re-fill the water and clean out the run. I don't think they will bother her, but I am not going to take the chance.

Mom is back from her whirlwind trip to Colorado. Got a great email from her today with a rundown of the places she visited on her trip and I am looking forward to hearing more about her adventure. This is the same Mom who happened to be driving through Sturgis when the big Harley rendezvous was going on and the same Mom who was able to talk a biker dude into letting her sit on his motorcycle for a picture! Very cool.

Father's Day is Sunday, don't forget!

Ok, too nice out to be sitting in here, going to go throw the donut-tennis ball thingy around for the pooch. Hope everyone is doing great out there!



Great post over at Iraq the Model today. Here is just a sample:

I, being an Iraqi have accepted the challenge and I'm not alone; hundreds of thousands of IP, soldiers, officials and workers in different fields have decided the same by doing their job, cooperating with the coalition and marching persistently towards building their country, maintaining their freedom and embracing the changes towards democracy. Other Millions of Iraqis are supporting this process each in his own way.

We didn't take the decision of the war, that's right, but we've accepted it with full knowledge of the consequences and that's why you cannot see one large demonstration asking the coalition to leave. We gained our freedom, after Saddam's fall almost for free, as most of the enormous losses we suffered before that time were not the result of real attempts to gain freedom; they were in most times the result of mere disapproval with the Ba'athists or were part of the systematic killing to maintain the paralyzing fear at a maximum. Maybe it's time to pay and this time we are ready because we are free from that fear after seeing the weakness of our enemies and we have seen what we were missing and are not ready to lose it no matter what happens. We will pay the price and we will not surrender or compromise, we will fight and we will win.
Emphasis mine.

As they say, Go Read it All


Congratulations to Jeff at Alphecca for getting mentioned in Outdoor Life! fantastic!


One of favorites, Michelle Malkin, has a blog now. I look forward to her daily entries, should be some good stuff!


And hot damn! The season finale to Deadwood was better than I even expected! I need about 4 or 5 hours to lay out my big Deadwood post and no, it won't be family friendly! Just go ahead and head to the store and get yerself some canned f'ing fruit and look for my Deadwood piece sometime next week.


My dad is coming out for a visit on Thursday and will be here until Tuesday. I am spending a lot of time getting the house picked up and half-way clean for when he stays here and yes, my place is a mess. A bachelor + one dog + not much time to clean = a big Big mess. I am really looking forward to seeing him, it has been too damn long! There are a couple of events planned including a day at the range with Dad, my brother and his family and also an evening at the new Veteran's Museum in Centralia. The other day Dad was chuckling at the fact that every time you get a bunch of WWII vets together, there is always a Jitterbug Contest and guess what is happening at the Museum opening? You got it right, a Jitterbug Contest! There are 2 age groups for the competition: 70 and older and 70 and younger! It ought to be just a fantastic night and I will make sure to report back on everything that happens.


Lots of stuff in this post for tonight and lots of stuff on my mind too. I hope everyone is doing well out there.



Busy day here today, standard Washington June day - sunny, rainy, windy - repeat.

Season Finale of "Deadwood" tonight in about 9 minutes. I have been meaning to do a lengthy post on the series and link to a ton of articles and historical documents I have found and will get to that soon.

Assignment for today: hop over to Serenity's Journal and read her post on "Taking a Stand". Make sure you open the post by clicking on the "Go Forth! Seek Knowledge!" link. All I gotta say is: Serenity, I've got your back.