Well, double crap. Ray Charles is dead. There is going to be one heck of a party in heaven this weekend. Imagine Ray on the keyboards and Ronnie shaking his tailfeathers!

What a perfect example of someone not giving up and not whining about their handicap or the challenges that were put in front of him. Ray worked his freaking ass off to write and play music for us and I think a lot of folks took all of that for granted. Just try making your way to the bathroom with your eyes closed - not too easy - he wrote hundreds of songs, played just about every instrument ever created and could make us laugh and could make us cry. I would certainly love to hear Ray's "America the Beautiful" played tomorrow night for Mr. Reagan.


Thought I better check in.

Things are going ok, the week has been busy so far and I am looking forward to the state job tomorrow. I did, however, finally get the yard mowed on Sunday - in the rain. It just had to be done and could not go any longer without cutting. I would have had to hire a tractor with a brush hog if it had gone a couple more days.

Sage was gimping around for a few days but is now better. I have a feeling she pulled a muscle in her left shoulder over the weekend when we were romping around in the front yard and she took a header down the hill and executed a perfectly ridiculous flip-flop somersault while chasing the donut shaped-tennis ball thingy.

Got lots of work to do on the home spread before my dad visits next week! I am excited to see him, and the Bro and his family are really looking forward to his visit too. Mom is on her yearly pilgrimage to Colorado for a sheep festival so I hope her trip is safe and she has a wonderful time out there.

well, going to enjoy the rest of the evening outside in the sun. I hope everyone is having a great week.